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When did you se length results

When did you se length results

How long did it take for you to see lenght results?

After 2 1/2 years of on and off PEing in short, unsuccessful bursts, I started to see results a few weeks into a new routine I started a 6 months ago. I think most people see noticeable gains within 1 month of PEing.

Started:| 14 cm (unsure if BP or NBP) EG (mid-shaft) - 10.75 cm |

Current:| NBPEL - 17 cm; EG (circum scar) - 10.75 cm; (base) 14 cm |

Short-t Objective:| NBPEL - 18.5 cm EG (circum scar) - 11.5 cm |

I saw length gains visually after 2 weeks and confirmed after one month by measuring.

06/21/07 NBP = 7.75(tape) FSL = 7.875 EG = 5.00 Volume= 15.42

09/13/07 NBP = 8.375 FSL = 8.75 EG = 5.38 Volume = 19.29 (+25%)

12/26/07 NBP = 8.625 FSL = 8.75 EG = 5.50 Volume = 20.82 (+35%)

I have noticed results when flacid. Maybe 1 inch or so. But I find it hard to measure erect lenght because my penis is a bit curved. Is it possible to gain only in flacid and nothing while erect? Maybe erect gains take longer then flacid.

Flaccid gains are allot easier than erect. You could be an Turtle gainer and it take a year or even 2years to gain in size. Browser around alittle and use the search key to find out more information. It’s quite useful and flaccid gains can be easily gain from BED fowfers.<<<Being my new favorite stretch =D

During my first month I saw a small girth gain, probably just due to healthier erections. Month two ended last week, but I am not reporting my new measurements until the 20th as part of another thread. I am happy to say though, that I will definitely be reporting a length gain, somewhere between .5 and .75”, so somewhere between 5 and 10 weeks is what it took me to see length gains.

11 JULY 2007 - BPEL: 5.5" EG: 4.75" NBPEL: 4.5"

11 JUNE 2008 - BPEL: 6.75" EG: 5.0" Base EG: 5.5"

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Originally Posted by newguy01
I saw length gains visually after 2 weeks and confirmed after one month by measuring.

Same to me.

I actually have difficulty “Visually seeing” the gains I have made. In hind-sight I definitely should have taken “starting” images for comparison. I think my issue has been that I have maintained almost the same Length to width ratio throughout my growth. As such, it is really hard to see increases in length and girth, as my penis has just been “scaled” up through PE over time. The change has been gradual, and the only reason I know I am bigger is because a ruler/tape tells me so. That said, the ruler clearly demonstrated gains after about 3 months of steady PE for me when I first started.

I should note however, that although it is difficult for me to see the growth with my eyes, I can certainly “feel” the growth in my hands. My penis is definitely increased in “weight” that I can feel when taking a piss, or simply fooling around.

6 weeks I saw .25” in NBP. Didn’t measure BP at that time.

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