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When can I start hanging

When can I start hanging

Hello all I’m doing the Newbie routine and I’d like t start hanging how long should I wait

Wait till your LOT is close to 7 or below, till then continue manual stretching. Read up here on Bib’s LOT Theory. When your LOT is about that low it means it’s time to start attacking the tunica at upper angles for more gains and manual stretching can help, but for something tough like the tunica I believe hanging is the best way to go…


Welcome to Thunder’s Place. You have found a large volume of men (sometimes women’s) info. Assume you have already gone thru the newbie routine and seen the tutorials. If not, the place to start.

Hardest part of hanging is getting the hanger to stay on your dick.
And getting your dick accustomed to being clamped and hung.

Recommend that you work on wrapping with a hanger device and wear it for a few minutes (5-10 minutes) to get good at putting the hanger on and taking it off. I had major problems with my dick getting hard and pushing the hanger over the glan/head.

If it hurts, STOP. You only got one dick, keep it healthy.

Happy PEing


Hey newme how long have you been doing the pe routine? Have you seen gains

Havent seen result but it only been two weeks

OK I just read LOT theory by Bid and I don’t understand it can someone help me out how do tell what your LOT is ?

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