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When can I increase intensity of PE?

When can I increase intensity of PE?

How do you know when your penis is ready for the more advanced PE routines? I just started my 4th month, and do a newbie routine for stretch and jelqing 5 days on and 2 off. My session is:

10 min hot wrap
5 min of streches
15-20 min wet jelq
10 min massage and warm down

I really don’t want to hurt myself. I tried a few horse440’s and though my cock looked so much fatter after, I had a lot of fluid buildup and was freaked a little. I decided to get advice before doing that again. It can be really scary when you see something like that happen to yourself. I’m sure I need more conditioning, so when will I know for sure? Thanks

You don’t give us any indication of what your goals are, but you are fully conditioned now and can start moving on to more advanced routines. What area are you interested in? Length/ Girth/Hanging/Pumping/ Manual jelq methods?

I am currently at 6 7/8 BPEL and 4 1/2 EG. My goal is the popular 8 X 6. I am mainly interested in manual methods, with an interest in wrapping also.

How about a gradual build up. Then you get an indication of how things are going rather than just starting a really intense routine. If you get burst veins, or erection quality has got worse then go easy.



Try this Girth Blaster technique. This can get as intense as you want to make it, so start off nice and easy to perfect the method, then slowly build up intensity. Although as the name implies, this is a girth exercise, because each grip is taken so deep at the base, I think it is good for length also. Here it is:

Girth Blasters New Jelq Technique

gprent, Thanks for the info on girth blasters. Sounds like a great way to get my girth expanded. But do I need to wait till the fluid build up in my penis goes away? Damn, I just got off my rest days when this happened. It’s in the middle of my shaft (from the horses) and a little under the glans. Should I treat this as an injury and take more time off?

It really shouldn’t take to long for that fluid condition to dissipate, so I would wait till it disappears. Then when doing any of the advanced exercises, always start out slow with them and build intensity as you go. This should help prevent recurrences.

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