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When can I add wrapping to my newbie routine

When can I add wrapping to my newbie routine

I have been hard at work on the newbie routine now for 2 weeks and I really think that if I wrapped my dick it would heal in the more lengthened state. But I’m unsure whether or not this would be healthy yet. Can I do it now. Or should I wait for the magic 2 months?

Experience has shown that the 2 months routine is a good starter for conditioning your penis for more advanced methods.

What you have to considier is that if the wrapping damages your dick then you will have to slow down even do nothing fo a month or two while your penis heals.

There is an old saying ‘patience is a virtue’

It is very true for Penis enlargement exercises.

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If you want to wrap your dick up go for it dude. As long as your careful post sessing wrapping shouldn’t be dangerous at all. Just make sure you have enough bloodflow throughout your penis, and check your penis every 20-30 mins or so making sure it keeps proper circulation.

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