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Whatsup everyone

Whatsup everyone

I’m new to PE. I’m excited to find this forum as I will dedicate myself to a bigger penis.
Right now I’m 6.25 length/5.5 girth. I would luv to get up to 7inches in length and 6inches in girth.

Any kind words to a newbie :)

7x6 is my goal for to share sum similarities

Thanks for having me here

I am the same. I just started. I had hope I had found this place awhile back. But I think is never to late to start. I am only 21. Good luck and don’t quite.

Hell yeah I wish the same thing P3lon, and alibor your goal really wouldn’t be that hard to achieve your nearly to it and congratulations.

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Thanks for the kind words :) I’m 21 as well. I’ve always heard about this since I was 18. Just too lazy to start. Tried PE when I was 18 but I was too lazy to go with the progarm.

I just started 2 days ago.Now I really want to dedicate myself to it since finding this forum.

Thanks again :)

Alibor, welcome to Thunder’s Place.

Follow the newbie routine and read the Forum Guidelines - especially the part about spelling, punctuation, grammar and the like.

Use the search button a lot - damn near every question has been asked and discussed ad infinitum. When you find an interesting thread, check out the “Similar threads” at the bottom of the page. Golden rule is to search first, second and third - then you ask.

regards, mgus

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Welcome Alibor and P3lon.

Start with the Newbie Routine. The links for newbies are on the front page. Be patient and treat your penis nicely, not too rough. The road to success is be consistent, nothing happens suddenly but it doesn’t really take long if you are consistent.


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