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What's your least favorite part of the newbie routine?


What's your least favorite part of the newbie routine?

I do the newbie routine exactly the way it’s described, but I have to say that stretching is the most tedious part of the routine for me. Whatever though, I was just curious to see other people’s opinions.

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I agree, the stretching is the most annoying part. I do my PE in the shower and trying to get a good grip while wet is difficult. On the other hand, I love to see the difference right after a good stretch, then jelq, then hot wrap session.

But since I started so recently I imagine I’ll need at least a few more months before any of those gains will become permanent.

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Jelquing, it’s not that I don’t like it, it’s just that 15 mins playing with your dick seems for-freaking-ever.

For me the warmups were a bit boring. Also stretching a bit.

However, as I went on, it has become a routine thing, and now I enjoy all parts of it. It all become more interesting when you really try to focus on the internal sensation through the workout. Then you will feel how each part has it’s importance.

Least favorite part? That it stops working after awhile.

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Used to be stretching, because it is soo boring. But now, there is no part of my routine I don’t like.

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Jelquing for me. Doing 200 reps takes me perhaps 25-30 min. I can`t understand how some of you manage to do 700 jelqs at once. Or perhaps do you split your jelqs over the day?

Sometimes I don’t have the energy to do 50-75 proper 5 second kegels. Having to douse my penis with powder to get a good grip on stretching is annoying at times. And even then my foreskin still drives me crazy, but once I get a good stretch going, I love it. It just feels like it works. The first five minutes of jelqing can be annoying too. Trying to get a good grip and repetition going can take a little bit of time for me. I’d say that’s my least favorite part, the beginning of my jelqing routine.

Hmm, 4 ton truck pulling is definitely my least favorite PE.. Errr, what was the question again?

Seriously - stretching, I dropped them after 2 sessions, actually extended jelqs with squeeze and hold as a substitute.

The ending of the session.

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I hate having to jam my hand up my pooper to push out my “inner penis”.

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Hey so do you guys sit or stand when you jelq?

I tend to stand, but does it make a difference?

Originally Posted by omarshari
Hey so do you guys sit or stand when you jelq?
I tend to stand, but does it make a difference?

I stand; I do it in the shower. I think it helps? I dunno, I don’t have much experience with sitting.

Starting off (10-5-07)-EBPL:6.563 EG:4.5

Recently (10-27-07)-EBPL:6.75 EG:5

Goal-EBPL:8 (we'll see) EG:6.5

Stretching, it’s boring as hell.

My least favorite part is having to remind the newbies not to hurt themselves and to follow the newbie routine, that and sometimes I have to remind members, new and old, to read the guidelines.

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