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What's your bottom line here?

What's your bottom line here?

This started as a response in a different thread so it might start off a bit disconnected but I think you’ll get the jest.
Instead of going off topic and hijacking another thread I figured I’d just start a new one.
Besides the whole “I want a bigger dick” issue, why do you PE? & what’s your post PE story?

Ya know, personally I used to like hearing about tall guys with little dicks. Sorry.
Why? Because I’m only 5’7 tall and slender also. I’ve taken shit from you guys all my life in social situations - as if height actually had something to do with cock size, or because you’re 2 feet taller than me you’re somehow more of a man. I don’t have a huge resentment about it, it’s more like here we go again, Mr insecure is going to try and trash the little guy to make himself out to be a stud. Funny thing about it is that the pussy almost always left with me and I’ve gotten quite a bit of real fine pussy over the years because girls like to talk.

Thanks to PE I’ve managed to put on almost a full inch in the last 7 months, girth has gone up also but I don’t measure it.
That takes me to a real good 7.25 at about 90%. Not huge (yet) but the thing is, it’s starting to look freakish on my small frame. But I LOVE IT! and it looks bigger than it actually is on my body. Like most of the other people around here, I’m aiming for a full 8 or better. Response has been more than I would have ever thought. So much so that the next time some female says size doesn’t matter, I’m just going to ask her if she wants to bend over and make that statement again. LOL

To all those guys that were as insecure as me when I started, I’m a believer.
I know it’s worked for me. I’ve tried to tell at least 3 friends about thunders and they tried to laugh me right off my square.
Whatever, have it your way. I’ll keep doing what works for me, always have anyways. If you don’t like what’s being freely offered around here, well give it a try for awhile and you can have your insecurities and head trips back anytime you like.

When you start to increase your penise size you find that you gain a new outlook, new security about yourself, and you begin to emmulate a new level of confidence in yourself. I didn’t even notice it at first but then I began to take note that people were treating me different, asking my opinions and actually acting like what I had to say held value or had merit. I really believe that this was a result of the way in which I slowly changed the way in which I carried and projected myself as a result of my new found confidence in myself. Which was happening on an almost subconscience level before I began to take real notice of it. I also would have never thought that cock size had such a bearing on my psychological well being, but appearently it did. Ok then, I didn’t like something about myself so I took the steps necessary to do something about it.

The point is:
I PE for what it’s done for me, and that’s the bottom line.

When I started PE it was to make my sexual relationship with my wife better. More specifically to be able to make her fell better during sex. Now that I am just over 4 months into PE, I can safely say that is still my main motivation, but I also have a new outlook on PE. It greatly increases penile health. I am very conscious about my health and this is another way to make my body as healthy as possible. Plus, I will be able to use my tool much longer in life because it will be healthy.

So, bottom line for me, longer, more fulfilling, more enjoyable sex with my wife.


Hi rootcap this is my story I’m 18 but since I’ve been 14 I’ve known I had a small cock. I’ve never had any confidence around women due to my insecurities. I look back now and I know it would have been much different if id had an average size. I’ve been PEing for about a month but I only found this site a few weeks ago. I’m looking forward to having a new outlook on life, mainly confidence. Heres my stats feb 05 4.75 EL now 5.2 EL I’m targeting to get up to 6” by the end of the year do you think this is possible?


I just wnat to know how it feels like to bang a girl with 8x6 and to see her reaction to both seeing and feeling in her pussy a dick like that. Nothing more and nothing less than that :-) )))))

mrdstein, I have to confess to secretly holding on to that desire as well. Like I mentioned, some of the response has been pretty ego gratifying already. It would an out and out lie if I claimed some of that attitude didn’t factor as well.

robbit- WTF dude, your 18 man! The future is your oyster. I wish I had discovered this when I was 18. Shit I wish I had followed up on it over 5 years ago when I first heard about it. Because of your age, you’ll probably be able to increase your size in a faster time period than a lot of us have. Read and absorb as much as you can here and ask questions if you need clarifications. Keep us posted, us older shits like to live vicariously through others at times. You’ll be an inspiration for some and a lady slayer in no time at all.

Gasp! - didn’t realize there were so many tall people around here when I made that first comment.
Well I guess they wouldn’t be here if they didn’t feel the same way I did at some point in life.

To see how big I can get it, my wife has been wanting me to stop for a while but she knows it is more of a hobby or habit now. In time, I will report what I have gained to the board and hopefully be of some use around here. There is no number goal for me, it is not that “black and white”. I have conducted plenty of experiments and trials for the sake of cranking out a little more cock.

The bottom line is I will probably be doing this for a very long time, it is similar to my smoking and coffee habit. I have way over one thousand hours invested, I have a phobia that if I stop for a little while, it will disappear.

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