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What's Wrong With Your Penis?


What's Wrong With Your Penis?

Hey everyone,

This may sound like an odd question, but what do you think is wrong with your penis, if anything at all?

Also, what do you think is good about your penis, again, if anything at all?

I am merely wondering how people perceive their units and whether there is a common opinion amongst members.

Say ‘it’s too small’ if you wish, but I’m thinking more along the lines of appearance rather than size.

Aim-High Willis

We are in the process of becoming friends again after many years of disrespecting one another.

Rock hard


A very tender and easily injured frenulum. Other than that I have no problems with my unit really.

2010-01-09: BPEL: 19,7cm [7.75"] EG: 15,0 cm [5.9"]

2010-04-24: BPEL: 20,4cm [8.0"] EG: [???]

It bends to the left and isn’t big enough.

19th Feb 2012

Erect: 7.625" BPEL and 4.875" EG BPFSL: 8.063 Short Term Goal: 7.75" x 5 Long Term Goal: BP 8.5 x EG 5.75

I would like my head to be a little harder, and I dont really like my big vein that is on the top of my shaft.

I like my penis the shape, and the way it straight no curves, and no baseball bat shape.

I wouldn’t mind if it was straighter and not as baseball-bat-y.

I’d also like to get rid of the cracks in my glans and the bumps from hair follicles.

My penis curves upwards. If it straight, it might look longer.

Resting from PEing

Erection level.I would like it to point more upwards.

Your like the guy from nip/tuck but with penises.

It’s too small

I wish that my flaccid looked more impressive. I hate the fact that even though I have an 8” BPEL, my dick still turtles badly. It looks very small when flaccid, and I don’t know what to do about it. The fact that I have an enormous fat pad doesn’t help. I also wish that it was a little more curvier. I have one of those straight as an arrow dicks,which can be beneficial, but at the same time, I kind of want something with a little bit of a curve to it. Chick freaks out when it gets erect because it looks so small when soft, yet, “it looks kind of scary” when hard. Oh well, hopefully I’ll get 2 more inches in the years of PEing to come which will make it look “horrifying” haha.


Remember, no one is perfect. Well, apart from that guy over there.

I would like my penis to be like it was before I started PE. Having morning wood, woody on command, stronger erections, orgasm control, less visible veins and 0,5 cm longer in EL.

What happened latency?

Hey people, I’m new here, so yeah!

My penis, it bends to the left, so I would like it to be more centered, as well as my flaccid length which needs improving, but my main problem is the fact that I have these small white penis pimples all over the skin and foreskin as well as the sides of the slit of the penis head.

Oh well! We can’t have everything can we? =(

Well, you can have it all, but those people are referred to as ‘lucky bastards’.

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