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What's working for me so far

What's working for me so far

My goal is not a bigger dick - rather, a harder dick. Sure, there’s some growth happening, and that makes sense.

Here’s what I’m doing:

Nice long warm shower
When done, add some lube and do about 5 minutes of just stretching by hand. Up, down, side, side, forward, around, repeat.
Give myself a boner, let it go away. Repeat.
Have a seat on the couch and get the pumper out.
I pump to about 5 psi and let that sit for 5 minutes and then deflate and stretch.
I pump to about 7 psi, 5 minutes, deflate, stretch
I pump to 10 psi, 2 minutes, deflate, stretch and stroke to a raging boner.
I pump to 5 psi and let that sit for about 10 minutes, deflate, stretch and stroke back up to a raging boner.
I pump to 3 psi and basically let that sit until I finish my coffee or reading email or whatever - about 10 minutes.
Deflate, stretch, stroke back up to a raging boner and edge almost to orgasm.
Back into the shower to rinse the lube off with cool water (this is also when I rinse the conditioner out of my beard and hair)

After this, I go for my usual exercise in the park with a run/walk, some push-ups and dips and other isometric exercise and some light yoga.

Over the last two months or a pretty steady routine of doing this about 2-4 times a week, my cock is veinier, the head swells fat and shiny, it sticks straight forward instead of hanging hard when I stand, and it’s getting noticeably fatter in the shaft.

I am now taking a month off the pumping routine. I’m checking for long-term effect. I suppose the fatness might not stay, but I’m hoping the blood flow that keeps the veins popped out and the whole thing harder does.

I’d like to post a couple of pics, but I guess I’m not allowed to post to the member’s pics forum. That’s ok. I’ll do it later.

I love my cock. I just want it to be the best cock it can be!

BPEL: 8", EG: 6.5" (head) and 5 (shaft), Nutts 1.5”

If you want to post pics just ask a mod to move the thread for you.

Keep up the good work.

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