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What's up with the ballzinger/blakoe ring?


What's up with the ballzinger/blakoe ring?

I recently built my own ballzinger/blakoe ring clone as per instructions from tom hobbard’s BallZinger site. I used the best solid core high grade copper and zinc rods available (99.99% purity). The results are impressive. I recommend this ring to anyone who wants a thicker cum and nice flaccid stage size. I even feel that my balls are also ZINGING. Sometimes I feel a slight tingle, and it must be because the metal ends are not making good contact with the skin, and causes a little arc to take place, hence the little discomfort. If the metal is well placed and making good contact with the skin, there should be no shock of any kind. It should be very comfortable to wear, and after a while you should not feel it is there at all.
The voltage is quite constant between 0.5V to 0.8V, well within the ranges expected. The original Blakoe reached a max of 0.5V because of the tiny size of the metal contacts. Small and constant voltage should be the secret for this device as I have read and researched all the information, claims and endorsements contained in the original Blakoe site and other forums discussing it.
I have purchased enough materials to make a few more ballzingers, so if anyone needs to build one to experiment and cannot find all the good materials in one place, just let me know.
I will be experimenting and testing with alternate materials to the rubber latex tubing, although it is very comfortable to wear. The natural rubber gets dark at the end contact with the copper metal after a while, I don’t think it will affect the operation of the device, but it does not look too pretty. Anyone had the same problem?
I don’t know if it is heat related, chemical or electrical reaction, I will find out soon, since I am using a hybrid ballzinger with natural rubber latex tubing on one end, and food grade clear vinyl tubing on the other.
I would really like to find from other members what their experiences are, since there are so many variables, that I would like to start from a good point of reference…Anyone please provide me with your results, including how long you have been wearing it, how many hour/day, how many days off, what kind of results in the first week of wearing it, any further changes afterwards, etc, etc. The more the better, this is research material. Thanks.

PS: Although I am very interested in starting some PE exercises as a beginner, I will hold off until I learn the true results of this ballzinger on its own - without any other variables added. Can this ring stand on its own?. Does PE affect its results?, I have many questions…

I have been wearing a hubbard ball zinger identical to yours except surgical tubing both ends for 96 consecutive hours. My results to date are identical to those you describe…….better flaccid hang; more nocturnal wood; fuller balls. It is very comfortable and i am seldom aware of its presence. I made the tubing at the bottom 1.5” long versus 2.5” top which improved my zinger.

Been wearing mine for two days - never at work. Wouldn’t really want to be in a big business meeting and have it come loose and drop to the floor. Although I barely feel it on.

Results are somewhat confusing. I’m pretty sure it works, but is it more the constriction (ala cock ring) than the voltage/current? I wake up now with major wood, so I’m happy about that. I had more energy yesterday (could be psychosomatic).

A few months ago I got one of those brake bleeder hand pumps (thought about putting together an LA cylinder/pump combo) and the hoses that came with the pump were 1/4” ID, so that’s the tubing I’m using. It took a while to figure out how to insert the rods, but pop the hoses into a cup of really hot water to soften it up and stretch them loose with a pair of needle nose pliers. The rods can be inserted with ease and when it cools, it’s on tight. I had to play with the hose lengths a bit because I think I cut the rods too short (1.5” - why is the rod length not specified??) and the hoses ended up being 4” each (not 2.5”), probably because the hoses have very little stretch.

After a hard workout last night (with it on) I could feel it “tingling”. The more you sweat, the better it seems to work. And yes, I had more energy doing that too. More aggressiveness when I sparred (kickboxing). The ring fits snugly underneath my cup, so absolutely no risk of falling off there.

I asked the lab at the local hospital about a testosterone level blood test to test before and after - $150 bucks! Forget it, I’ll feel my way through.

This is a good point...

How long should the rods be?

And how much of them should be taken up inside of the latex?

See Ya,


I made one myself,
and all it did was giving my balls oxidation stains where the zinc part touched my balls.

Do you have that?

Perhaps the sweat is too saline, i don’t know.

My zinger uses 3” rods with 2.5” tubing top and 1.5” tubing bottom. It encircles the entire package dick + balls. I think the 1.5” rod length is for balls only which i have not tried. Would not the greater rod length give greater skin contact area and be preferable for electrical conductivity?

I have debated trying to build one or not. It seems complicated. Is it worth it? Does it really work?


Thanks for the comments. It is nice to know that there are many out there still wearing the zinger. Your design is almost identical to mine (of course, based on Tom’s design!), I used a 4 1/2” tubing for top and 3 1/2” for bottom section. It certainly provides a better hold. So this seems to be a common design requirement.
The metal rods I used are only 1 1/4” in length, a much longer rod may give you more contact, but will also make the zinger more rigid. The original design of the Blakoe ring uses less than 1/4” of metal plate, so I figure that the amount of metal exposure is not as relevant. Besides, you should get similar voltage as I do ( 0.5V- 0.8V) regardless of the length of the rod. I am trying to make the design with the least amount of exposure to the metal.

I used McMaster’s pure commercial copper solid rod 99.99% purity. I believe it is called Alloy 101 pure oxygen free copper, it cost about $8.00 for 12” rod plus freight. It is very important that the metal rods are as pure as possible. I enclose the chart for your reference

Chemical Composition Limits (%) of Copper Alloys

Alloy Copper Tellurium Silicon Nickel Beryllium Lead Aluminum Iron Chromium Cobalt
101 99.99% None None None None None None None None None
110 99.9% None None None None None None None None None
145 99.3% 0.4-0.7% None None None None None None None None
182 98.5%* None 0.1% None None 0.05% None 0.1% 0.6-1.2% None

I believe that the small voltage applied on a continuous basis for a long period of time is the key benefit of the ballzinger, and its main feature. Perhaps the constriction may help to maintain the erection firmer, but it is not as tight as a cock ring.

My ideal length of the metal rod is 1 1/2” with the rubber latex tubing covering about 1/4” on each side. This will expose about 1/2” of metal to your skin.

I have not seen any zinc or copper oxidation rubbing to my skin, perhaps if your sweat is very acidic, it may cause the metal to oxidate faster, but you can take care of that by cleaning and slightly sanding the surface with emery paper 400. What grade zinc are you using?

You should take a chance and build one, you have nothing to lose and much to gain. Many people are skeptical about the benefits of this zinger ring, but based on my own experience and the comments of many more on this forum, that I was motivated to try it as well. No regrets.
Most important: You should use best quality metal rods you can find, after all, how much are your balls worth?

lonelybb I sent you a PM. Also good work with this and post your progress as time goes on will you.

All change is not growth, as all movement is not forward.

Each person has to tailor make his zinger for his body type I would think. My balls are low hangers, making for comfortable wearing a narrow zinger version which gives excellent skin contact entire length of 3” rods as well as comfort. A person with balls tight against body would want a wider version (longer rubber tubing) with shorter rods I would guess. Experimentation is part of the fun.

I agree that each zinger may need to be built according with the physiology of the individual. It makes a lot a sense what Bud mentioned, that longer rods may be better for low hanging balls, and shorter rods with longer rubber for high hanging balls. I wil take this piece of information as one of the variables for building the “perfect” ballzinger.

n2growing, i used 0.25”id x 0.375od refrigeration grade hollow copper tubing. got a 12” piece from lowe’s as i did the 0.25 rubber tubing @ $1.40/ft. will order some calendula gel to improve electrical conduction if required in future, i.e., if the great effect i am presently experiencing tapers off. scotch brite for removing oxidation on rods.


Originally Posted by bud_do
n2growing, i used 0.25”id x 0.375od refrigeration grade hollow copper tubing. got a 12” piece from lowe’s as i did the 0.25 rubber tubing @ $1.40/ft. will order some calendula gel to improve electrical conduction if required in future, i.e., if the great effect i am presently experiencing tapers off. scotch brite for removing oxidation on rods.

What about the zinc rod, did you get that at Lowes also

All change is not growth, as all movement is not forward.

n2, no got that from mc master-carr per hubbards part number.

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