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What's up with the ballzinger/blakoe ring?

Hey Bud

Scotch Brite sounds like a good idea to remove the oxide from the copper, but will it not also chemically coat the surface of the metal reducing its contact with the skin? I will hate having any more chemicals holding onto my balls. I will not want anything in between the copper and my balls. I think that light sanding with 400 grade paper will do the job better and will expose the pure copper out.

lonleybb, had not thought of the chemical aspect of scotch brite. your 400 grit is the way to go for a good contact. need to remove oxidation every few days for optimum results.


Ok, this ring isn’t psychological or having it’s effect based on constriction. There is something definitely with the voltage. I had sex with the wife yesterday and she said he’s never been this hard … ever. My orgasm took about 45 seconds to finish. Not sure about the volume.

Now she’s jealous. She wants a female version too. I wonder if we can fashion ben-wa balls from the same metals. She’s a jeweler apprentice so working with silver and gold is no problem for her. If memory serves me right, does zinc burn when you try melting it?

Any other ideas? Maybe one of those Tantric eggs inlaid with zinc and silver beads?

Fancy making one of these myself but live in the UK,does anybody know were i can get the copper and zinc from?

Not yet, but i will be one day!!

Mass look through the other threads on the topic. I think someone from the UK was complaining about it and got a link to a supplier. Most likely Westla and his google powers again.

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I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.

Ok, this ring isn’t psychological or having it’s effect based on constriction. There is something definitely with the voltage. I had sex with the wife yesterday and she said he’s never been this hard … ever. My orgasm took about 45 seconds to finish. Not sure about the volume.

I’m still wondering if the results some guys are getting are from zinc supplementation. Localized delivery? I don’t know. Maybe someone with good zinger results can test this.

GNC sells 30mg zinc pills that also contain 2mg of copper. Try taking 3 a day for a few weeks without wearing the zinger and see how the results compare. You could wear a non-zinging zinger (just the tubing) as a control to exclude constriction as a variable.

I wonder if the zingers effect is not a result of the voltage but from the zinc and copper atoms migrating into the skin.
If I take zinc/copper supplement orally, after a few hours my cum is thicker and more…

Zinc does not burn when heated. Magnesium does.

I got the zinc from a company that sells accessories for boats.
They have pure zinc corrosion inhibitors that you clamp around the propellers axle. This you can melt with a DIY gas burner and cast into a form made of hobby gypsium.

What the ,heck I made another one, and it seems that oxidation marks are not there this time.


I purchased enough materials to make several ballzingers for my own experimentation. If you cannot find a good supplier in UK, I could provide you will all you require to build one.

You should PM me if interested.

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What a great suggestion you have: a female “puzzinger” or “clitzinger”. Will she be making one of gold and silver?. Gold is an inert metal, so it will not cause interaction with the internal Marcos membranes in the vagina, but silver may not be that safe.

If I build one of copper and zinc, it may have to be worn externally, maybe metallic copper and zinc up her puzz could be toxic. Hummm…I will research that.

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Copper and Zinc pills…that’s a good suggestion too. Yeah, would anyone dare to experiment taking these pills instead of wearing a zinger?. The results will confirm or discard the theory that zinc/copper is the main working factor for the changes, instead of the low continuous voltage.

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lonelybb or anyone else,

What is the easiest way to make one? It seems a bit complicated. Can anyone explain it to me like I’m a six year old (pictures, directions, links, anything).


It is a little harder if you do not have the proper tools, depending on the materials you will be working with, if you use solid copper and zinc rods you will need to cut carefully with a fine metal saw, file away all the sharp corners, sand and polish the rods properly. Once this is done, it’s not too difficult to insert a 3/8” rod into the 1/4” opening of a rubber tube, you may have to use a needle nose plier to stretch the opening, but strong narrow fingers may do it.
Now if you are going to use 3/8” hollow copper tubing, then you may want to use a proper tube cutter tool similar to the ones used by your friendly plummer, cutting with a hacksaw may distort the shape and may not hold too well inside the rubber tube. Please go to Tom Hubbard’s Penis Workshop site link at the bottom of this screen for more detailed instruction. Once assembled, it is a wonderful piece of art.

If you don’t want to do it yourself, I can put one together for you. I have already made a few for my own use and experimentation. I have all the materials required to make a few more ballzingers. If you are interested, send me a PM.

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From what I’ve learned from the Hubbard’s website, the trick is to combine the negative and positive normal potential elements:

Magnesium -2,37
Aluminium -1,66
Zinc -0,763
Iron -0,44
Tin -0,14
Copper +0,337 or +0,521 (depending on the form of the chemical reaction)
Carbon (Coal) +0,74
Silver +0,799
Gold +1,5

So gold, silver *or* copper combined with Zinc may be other alternatives.

Regarding zinc supplemetns, something you all may be interested in that my wife found:…ncer_risk.shtml

Judging by the list that Mottley provides, it seems logical that using gold and silver may be the ideal metals if we want better galvanic interaction and electrical flow, since both of them have the highest potentials. Gold will have to be 99.99% (24K) pure and silver as well. However, since the article states that “Zinc is known to increase blood levels of insulin-like growth factor and testosterone”, then a combination of gold and zinc may be ideal.

I am not scared one bit by what the article tries to conclude, since this only could apply to individuals taking high concentrations of zinc supplements, way over 100mg per day. How much zinc will the zinger release?. I suppose it must be a fraction of a percent of a milligram of zinc supplement. Anyone can provide a better guess?
Thanks for the information Mottley.

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Ouch..!,. I have just come to the conclusion that I must be allergic to clear vinyl tubing.

My experiment using vinyl tubing instead of rubber latex demonstrated that clear vinyl does not degrade with heat or electrolytic reaction like latex, However, the vinyl causes irritation after wearing it for two days…..

Now I am quite itchy around the area where the vinyl touched the skin. Luckily, I used the vinyl tube over my dick and not under my balls. Did anyone use clear vinyl tubing to assemble their zinger?

I am off the zinger at the moment until the irritation cools off, but will wear it again using the old reliable surgical rubber latex tubing. One lesson learned.

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