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What's this PE thing anyway... wow, I'm in!

What's this PE thing anyway... wow, I'm in!

Hi everybody!

Just a quick introduction to say that I came across this wonderful site a couple of months ago and I’ve been pretty busy doing some intense reading since. I can easily see that PE as a lot of potential for me and I am ready to give it a try (started a small routine 2 days ago).

Quick background:
I’m 31 and my girlfriend of 2 years is 32 and we both went through painful and almost non-existing sex relationships including a divorce each, no kids involved. We both agree that we are soulmates and were meant to be together. I’m deeply in love with this girl and I want to spend the rest of my life with her and she says she feels the same way. We both knew since our late teens/early adulthood that we loved sex but never really had the chance to fulfill our needs. So, needless to say that our sex life is really great and evolving continuously. Anyway, we never experienced anything close to what we are living right now.

You probably have noticed that I speak for both of us and it could look like I’m over confident on how she feels about me. We have a very open and honest relationship and I have no reason to doubt what she tells me.

Well, ladies, experts, anybody, here are some things she did or said in the last two years with her that makes me feel that she is crazy about me. Feel free to comment:

1. “I finally found my soulmate.”
2. “God, it feels good to be with someone who understands how I feel.”
3. “It’s the first time I feel that I want a family so badly”.
4. Six months into the relationship, she took a picture of my erect penis and keeps it in a drawer near the bed. She says it comes pretty handy when I’m away.
5. Before she met me, she says she loved masturbation but now she finds it not as satisfying knowing what she is missing with me (when I’m not available).
6. She never experienced vaginal and g spot orgasm through penetration before me - 6 previous partners (I never gave vaginal or g spot orgasm before her - 4 previous partners).
7. She keeps telling me how she can’t wait to suck on that large glans of mine (it’s not that large but good for me if she thinks it is).
8. We have sex about once a day.

Well, I could go on a bit more but I think you get the picture that I’m a pretty happy fellow. So why am I interested in PEing? First, I want a healthy penis and I havn’t done anything in the past. Girth - My girl is not large down there but we could have a tighter fit, and we should have kids in a near future. Also, vaginal orgasm are not reached that often (once every 3 or 4 times). Lenght and flaccid state - The lenght of my flaccid penis changes drastically based on temperature and activities performed. When I come out of the pool, it can shrink as small as 2.5”-3” and when I’m just sitting at the computer, it is usually 4”-4.5”. But most of the time, it looks pretty small in the flaccid state so improvement in that regards would be more than welcome.

Early when we met, she told me that she would never tell a boyfriend how she really feels about his penis size. That was when she was telling me how she felt her ex-husband was too small for her and never told him even if he was mean to her. So when I asked her about the size of my penis, she says its perfect and she loves the glans. I believe her but…

Here are my starting stats as of 07-21-2004:

Height: 6’ Weight: 188 lbs
BPEL: 6.75” NBPEL: 6.5” EG: 5.25”

Goals: BPEL: 8” EG: 6” me too!

Thanks for reading all of this and I look forward to keep on reading your stories. I will post my results (with pictures hopefully) in the next weeks/months. One last thing, English is not my first language, French is, so some of my sentences may sound awkward at times.


Im glad to see someone come here and say that his girl is satisfied. I ran into a website and read every page. You see, i am sort of a kinky guy in bed, and I never had an issue with my size until i read that site. I was just like ahh, it sort of was an ego buster. I have always been told that Im good in bed, but now I think that im not big enough to be good in bed. Im an avg size of 6” x right around 5” girth. Now i decided to get a toy for my girlfriend and I to enjoy. I think that the site of a larger penis going into her turned me on, ofcourse not someone elses, but I enjoyed playing with the toys with her. the problem that I have come across is this. I have always been able to hit her epicenter spot in her vagina, but I have to work extra extra hard to get her off. she can have multiple orgasms from the toy. measuring 8x 5.5 now the thing is I now feel like crap cuz i cant do that for her. She dosnt understand my feelings on that and claims that I can do the same thing, but the truth is, well maybe with an extra .5 - 1 inch of length and some girth id be able to do that. Idont know if this stuff really works, but i was stupid and paid for a website 29 bux and got a PE routine. Im not so sure that this routine is going to work but it goes as follows. I am currently looking for a good routine.

2 Minutes heat wrap. 10 strectches 2.5 min heat rap (see that dosnt make sense to me, it goes by so fast)
after that 40 jelqs for 10 days of the program then 80 for the next 10 days, then 120, and so on and so forth.
after the jelqs you do another stretch this time holding the stretch for 10 seconds doing it 20 times. then relax and do 20 more stretches this time contracting the PC muscle, so that you feel the pull on the stretch.
thats the whole program, then some advanced stuff after you get past the 150th day. well, i dont know if im going to see gains quickly with that. I know that gains take time. But, is there a better way? what is your current program.


Welcome to Thunder’s, Snoop, and DesirousX,

I wish you both much success at Thunder’s—and all for free!! Hey, Desirousx, clean up your English or the Mods Squad will be after you.


Your first language is French, huh? Amazing!! Based on your written English, one would never guess!!


"It's not the getting there but the going that's gotta be good." Varg


Taking the advice on horsehung ;)

Hi Snoop,

You sound like you know exactly what you are doing. Also, congratulations on the great relationship that so many of us long for. If you would like my advise, I would concentrate on what you have with your gal first and foremost and then put your PE efforts way in the background. Yes, you are right - it’s good to do PE for staying in good shape down there. However, don’t allow PE to become an obsession or else you may put a damper on what you already have.

It’s understandable that you want to give your gal as much as possible, but from the sounds of it I would say you already are. In my case, my gal has had very large men in the past, so she’s very supportive of my PE efforts. It’s no secret with us or her - bigger is better (at least for her). If your gal supports you in this effort, then I agree it’s the right thing to do. Also, how do you feel about the size you are? Just remember, it’s an effort that requires a lot of time and patience (and money) with no guaranteed results.

Some members of this forum obviously have had incredible results. Realistically speaking for myself, I have had fair results but they haven’t been incredible. It seems as if our bodies (at least in my case) have a tendency to revert back to what ever the norm is. Even though I am currently significantly larger right now than what my norm used to be, I have a gut feeling that if I were to stop PE all together, over a certain course of time I would lose most of my gained size.

For this is the reason why I suggest to focus on what you have now. Make the very most of it and enjoy it like there’s no tomorrow. She’s happy with you and she loves your penis because it’s attached to you.


Welcome and good luck with your PE. You have a great starting size - but the one thing I will caution you about is pushing the “size talk” with your wonderful lady. Leave it where it is - you got the best answer possible and every thing now is icing on the cake. Good luck!

Desirousx -
Welcome to you too! You are in the right place as this is a very good forum loaded with answers and honest discussion about PE.
It is important for you to know that the web site - - is supposed to be looked upon as a joke. It is essentially a parody, and you should not use it to base your image of yourself upon. Where you fit in as far as penis size is concerned is perfectly average - some would say above average. So do not feel badly because of the information you read on that other site.
At most, use it as motivation toward your goals, but do not take it seriously.



Thanks for the quick replies, I appreciate it. It makes me feel that I’m welcome here.


- I’ve talked with my lady about inserting objects and she doesn’t want to have anything to do with them and never had. I must say that I’m pretty ok with that.
- I saw the and let’s just say that I’m not a fan even though there is some good stuff in it.
- My routine consists only of a combination of warm-up (2-3 min. before and after), streches (about 5-10 minutes), kegels and jelqs (100-150 at 80%-90% erect). Everytime I perform a jelq, I kegel as well. For the last month, I’ve been doing 2 x 100 kegels a day (morning and evening) and will continue with that. That’s it for now and I’ll see if I get any results from this (erections, size, if I last longer, etc…).
- Since I’m new with this, I’m not the best person to tell you if your routine is good or not. But from what I have read, better to start slow and most of all, listen to your body, don’t over do it.

- Thanks for your comments about my writing skills. I’ve been working in an English environment for the last 10 years but sometimes, my sentences look weird a little bit and it looks like I’m not using the right words sometimes.

r0ad_h0gg and CaptnHook,
Thanks for the advice. I reread myself and I should’ve been more specific by saying that my priorities are to have a healthy penis and to improve my flaccid state. I’m pretty confortable with my size since I’m with my current girlfriend. However, I feel that even though my girl says she’s perfectly happy with my size, I just want to prepare the ground and do mostly some preventive work just in case I start to get some signals.

For exemple, when we met, she said that she liked my body, that it looked athletic and so on. I’ve been doing all kind of sports and training most of my life but I let my self go a bit in the last 5 years. I started to do more intensive workout in the last 3 months (cardio, weights) and showed good results so far. Since I started, my girlfriend can’t get her hands off my pecs and keeps saying how I look good… You see where I’m getting at. Good is good but better is even better.

Having said that, I’m not to focused on gaining size for now but if I do and the lady gets excited, well I guess I will be a more happy fellow.

As far as “penis size talk”, that was in the beginning and far behind. I’ll let her come up with this subject in the future as needed. We had a discussion 2 months ago about kegel and we both agreed to start doing it regularly and we talk about it from time to time. I told her that I’m doing some other exercises as well (but not because I wanted to get bigger) and she replied by saying if I needed help. What a trooper.

So as long as I see her happy, me effort will remain modest but constant and I will adjust as needed.


My advice? Milk a newbie routine as long as you can. I think too many guys get too intense, too quickly, and end up building a resistance to the point where they absolutely cannot gain from anything less than the most intense, cock-killing exercises.

I say stick with the newbie routine for as long as it works. And don’t measure more than once a month, or you’ll be discouraged.

I see you’re from Canada. Good death metal scene there. :)

Sorry Snoop - I am the one who should have been more specific. What I was getting at is that you should let rest any talk of her previous partners’ sizes.
I mean that as a general rule - not just directed at you. It is dealt with on this forum all the time: Someone brings up that subject with their partner and gets their brains scrambled as a result. Very little good ever comes from it.

If you and she talk openly about your penis and your PE, I think that is great.

No prob CaptnHook,

I hear you and I agree 100%. I made that mistake early on, but she asked her share of questions as well and both decided to leave all this stuff behind us. It lead to a few rough talks but we got over it without any damages. Anyway, its clear to me that my lady likes her man to be confident about himself, but then, I’m pretty sure that’s true for most if not all women.

Very cool Snoop. Sounds like you hooked up with a good one.

Best of luck with your gains.


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