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What's the longest anybody has heard of someone going without making progress?

What's the longest anybody has heard of someone going without making progress?

For those of you who are the veterans of this site, what is the longest you’ve heard of anyone performing PE exercises without making any gains? Also, is there any period of time that one should continue to do PE before conceeding to the concept that they just might not make any gains ever? Cheers.

Good question, a year springs to mind as a reasonable period. Feedback on your excercises helps.

Member mike2002 went more than two years without a gain.

SS4 went over 3 years with zero gains. Three years of dedicated, hours every day, hanging, stretching, jelqing, hard core PE! He eventually got a bigger unit too.

Lots of guys go for 3 or 4 months with no gains starting out. You see posts all the time from guys that gain a quarter inch in the first month or two but they really are the exception rather than the rule, in my opinion.

If, after 4 months of dedicated PEing you have not gained I would look into tweeking your routine.

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SS4 is still my PE hero, iamaru. Now, that guy has dedication.



Yes, I could not have stuck with PE for that long with no gains. SS$ has re-made himself in many ways not just in getting a bigger penis.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

Wow, some 2-3 years without any gains? That’s a long time to see nothing. That certainly is dedication. I don’t know if I could stick it out for that long without seeing something. Even the slightest gain would be enough to convince me to keep going. However, to see nothing at all after years of dedication… now that would be depressing.

I’m about 15 months but I’m still pulling every day….

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I’m about a year, no gain at last official measure. Pumping gives me a temporary thickness gain that I enjoy. :)

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