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What's the correct grip for stretching?


You shouldn’t grip the skin at all with manual stretching. Retract foreskin and grab right under the glans.

The way I deal with jelqing is to just grip with whatever skin is there .

I okay grip behind my head and stretch .

I can feel the CC’s under tension , so I know he’s getting it .

This should be easy , and we make it hard , pun intended ! LOL !!

dooks out !!!

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Originally Posted by PinkTiger
Renholder I have the exact same problem you do. I’ve read to grip 1 inch behind the glans and the result is that I will stretch my skin towards my glands and inevitably over resulting in a loss of grip and sometimes pain. I’ve tried gripping right behind the glands which sometimes work but with with great pulling force the skin starts to fold over the glans. The only grip that I’ve been able to hold successfully for longer periods of time with much force is while gripping my actual glands.

I’d love any more input from veterans who have other tips and tricks to help with the problem. I’ll try the suggestions listed to see if that helps.


I experience something similar , any solutions ?

I use an overhand grip just under the glans with some toilet paper to get the grip even better.. and I can hold for long periods, no problems. The trick is to get an great grip from the beginning and feel ralexed into the stretch and you can hold for long periods. And for the upper angle the v- jelq style is perfect, as mentioned.. and good for two hands too!

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Heat is the key!

There is no “correct” grip for stretching. Here’s my current favorite.

Try rotating your penis 90° and hold it tightly in a “double-OK” grip: thumb of one hand on top, forefinger of other on bottom. Resting forearms on your pelvic bones gives extra leverage.

Photo here: - Penis enlargement: just \"pull it out\"

With this, you can put more force on a smaller closure. I find that pulling from just behind the glans feels best, and as for “shoulds,” I like the fact that I have some skin there as a cushion. If it helps me grow some more skin, so much the better!

Originally Posted by drabbuhmot
I find that pulling from just behind the glans feels best, and as for “shoulds,” I like the fact that I have some skin there as a cushion.

I am the same when stretching , just that you always hear that uncut guys should have the foreskin fully retracted , which I find very uncomfortable . I have gained .35” since I started at the beginning of May by using this method .

I make affordable jelqing gloves to help guys that have gripping problems.

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Latex Gloves for a Non Slippery Stretch Grip

Latex Gloves help create a firm grip for me when stretching holding behind the head like it has been already mentioned in this thread.

I feel you Renholder. Also uncut and I think when people say slipping they are referring to their hands actually slipping over the foreskin meaning they lose their grip. From what you are saying sounds as if your foreskin is the thing that is slipping due to it being either too long or too clumped together. This is what happens to me so I assume its the same for you. This also means it is hard for people to answer your question properly.

I myself do not know the correct way to do it but I know that you should be able to pull the foreskin comfortably back so it is not clumped together, this does minimize the skin sliding forward. After saying this maybe you mean sliding not slipping. Then grab 1” behind the glans, you shouldnt be grabbing the glans directly. Though what happens is that I myself have the thing where the foreskin slides forward and it feels as if you have a solid grip but the hand does slide forward putting pressure behind the glans corona.

I also think you should try stretching the middle of shaft too as my theory is that you put more pressure on the end of the shaft there is less stress at the base when stretching only near the head. So maybe you need to even it up.

Correct me if im wrong and hope this helped.

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For me, uncut, I had been grabbing behind the foreskin and stretching, which worked well enough, but I felt it may have added to the discoloration I got from hanging.

Now, I retract my foreskin, wrap it in a few square of toilet paper, and pull away. This is just for piss pulls throughout the day. Works great, though it does dry your head. Latex gloves may be better

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Uncircumsized dilemma?

I have never been pleased with any stretching grip and the results have been lacking as well. Is it “wrong” to stretch without pulling back the foreskin? I just can make it work when I pull it back.

Ehm for this I just do an underhand/side OK grip on my glans and stretch is this wrong or? I’ve tryed overhand and it feels really unnatural to me

This has become a lifestyle for me

I have gained a lot from stretching so I supose I do It the right way :-)

Starting size: 7.48" X 5.51" Currently: 10.1" X 6.4"

Heat is the key!

Whenever I do overhand and my fingers are on the underside just under my glans I can feel my veins on my fingers and I can’t do that unless I’m doing something wrong

This has become a lifestyle for me


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