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What's the best way to hot wrap without getting caught

What's the best way to hot wrap without getting caught

I was reading the back posts where somebody said they stuck their dong in a glass of hot water as a way of hot wrapping, but I lost the page and can’t find it. Anyone have any other suggestions?


IR lamps, rice socks, towel soaked in hot water, Luka’s warm up bottle, hot shower, fowfers. Take your pic. At least one should be easy for you to do inconspicuously.

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I just use hot water on a towel and leave it on for 30 seconds or until it looses heat then put more hot water on it and I do this all together for about 5-7 minutes

I found the best way is to soak a facial wash cloth in really hot water then double it up and wrap it round your penis.. Doubling it up seems to keep heat in for longer, this method you can usually keep it wrapped for 2-3 minutes without losing too much heat

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