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What's the best lube for jelqing


What's the best lube for jelqing

I’ve just joined the site yesterday and still reading up on PE. Once I get confident enough I’ll start the newbie routine. A question I have is what is the best lube THAT IS EASY TO OBTAIN for jelqing? I’ve read on that lube concoction somewhere on this site and it included a lot of random ingredients you wouldn’t find unless you went to a specialty store. What I mean by easy to obtain is something you can find in a drug store? Oh and also I’d like for it to be more on the inexpensive side, I’m a student and don’t have that kind of budget for expensive stuff haha. Ok and one last question. I know the newbie routine recommends 2 days on and 1 day off but would it be ok if I did 2 days off then 3 days on in a row? My parents are home some days and I don’t think I can PE while they’re home and 2 days on and 1 day off seems sort of religious with parents being home and whatnot.

Welcome to the forums. There are many threads on what kind of lube/concoction/mixture to use hidden throughout.

Just know that there is no “be all end all” lube for jelqing. I personally use baby oil. Very simple, almost every grocery store stocks it, but a pain to clean up.
I use a hot wet towel to wipe away the baby oil and it works very well.

As for your routine, don’t set your mind into thinking I have to get 2-3 days of jelqing with 2-3 days of rest. It all depends on how well your “member” feels.
This is to avoid overtraining or undertraining. Best of luck to you. Search around the forums, there is a massive amount of information out here.

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Sudanese crude oil, its the only thing I use.

Just kidding. I just started so I can’t give you a vast array of experienced advice. I just use hand lotion with shea butter in it. I’ve heard that is good.


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Thanks guys, right now I’m just using regular body lotion. I’ll check out baby oil, I saw some at the grocery store today.

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I am pretty sure baby oil is the original and still best lube for jelqing.

The primary goal of PE should be to make your penis as healthy as possible in both form and function. If you do that, increased size will follow.

I’m a n00b but I’ve been using just regular old vaseline and it works great.

Vaseline is good for the grip, but smells bad and feels nasty on my guy even after a shower.

I like to use olive oil. Its supposedly one of the best natural lubes. Works for me :)

All WJs with lube are messy…

Originally Posted by iwish6

I like to use olive oil. Its supposedly one of the best natural lubes. Works for me :)

I’ve been wanting to use olive oil for so long but I’m still having second thoughts because of its bad effects on the penis according to a few members here. I don’t know what it is exactly but I ran into it a few times before.

One thread among dozens where lube has been discussed: Best lubrication for PE

Baby oil is available at every drug store in the US and Canukia. If you’re concerned about strong fragrance, baby oil is comprised of mineral oil, which is also in every drug store. If you can’t find it anywhere else, it’s over on the bottom shelf by the laxatives. As Thunder says in that linked thread, mineral oil may mean something else outside the US and Canada. If olive oil is too strongly scented for you, most any cooking oil will work.

I use jojoba oil, or vitamin E oil, both of which I get at Trader Joes in the US.

absolutezero. I actually heard the opposite haha. I heard it was good for your guy since its all natural? strange. I’ve had no negative effects since using it <shrug>.

Originally Posted by dspark24
I personally use baby oil.

+1. I sometimes mix baby oil with a standard body lotion if I’ll be doing long jelqing/Uli sessions. Seems to have slightly better “glide” and lasts better (baby oil can get a little “dry”, although that’s relative, if you don’t use enough).

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I’m a fan of Astroglide X (the silicone based one), just because it lasts longer than water based lubes and it was what I had on hand when I started PE.

I think it’s a easier to get off than canola oil, but the down side is that it can stain fabric and what not with what looks like a grease stain.

Also a fan of “gun oil”, it’s a water based lube though so I usually have a cup of warm water handy (to dip my fingers in) to recharge it’s lubie properties when things start getting dry.

I use ‘Castor Oil’. A quarter size drop lasts a long time. It’s good for your skin, keeps it supple and elastic and has vitamins. Can be used on sunburns and sore muscles. Also it’s like 8$ for a big bottle and it washes away in the shower!! Oh and if you drink it I can help keep you ‘regular’ Score!

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I myself have been switching back and forth between johnson’s lotion and palmers skin therapy oil w/vitamin e. I have since made the decision to stick with the palmers oil due to the vitamin e and the consistency allows me to focus on the jelq (full expansion) with out any binding. I’ve been using it for everything, from jerk off seesions to titty bangin’. I also apply a layer right after I shave my pub area, shaft and the “coin purse”. It really helps with skin irritation. Hope this helps.

I use Vaseline for wet jelqing.


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