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Whats the best lube?

Originally Posted by waxx
Olive oil. It’s good for the skin and doesn’t break down into the skin as much as the lotions that are designed to soak into the skin for lasting protection from dryness. It’s also good to spray on your finger for a quick jump start of the clit you personally love to pet. I keep a bottle beside the bed for both of us.

Gave me a good idea here waxx. Going to go get some extra virgin oil tonight and buy one of those plastic bed sheets for me and the wife. The great thing about this is that olive oil is totally edible.

Ohhhh…..Someone has lit the calefaccion? happy week end.

No hay medidas. Disculpe las molestias I am dick is under construction.

Novatos, Comiencen Aqui

Super Sex Lube

Also being a newbie to the routine, I am experimenting with different lube’s for jelqing. From the way the one-eye’d-beast describes, it sounds like wetstuff does the best job for jelq’s. As you are also from down under, I thought I’d share one of the products I have tried. It’s called Sylk which is made in NZ from Kiwi fruit extract. What appeals to me about this lube is that it’s perfectly natural and is super slippery which is excellent for sex, however, it needs a bit of water every few minutes when jelqing. It’s a bit pricey at A$12.95 from most pharmacy’s, but being natural, it has not given me or my partner any rashes, and does not stain.

Many sexperts say that the two best natural lubricants are saliva and kiwi fruit extract. I can’t remember if we sold Sylk but we sold another similar product which I can’t remember the name of either. It was a great sexual lube and was easy to clean up but wasn’t that good for jelqing. As you stated it was nice and slippery but you need to keep adding a splash of water every 25 strokes or so to prevent too much friction. Wetstuff has vitamin E in it so it feels nice on the skin if you like that natural feel.

I’ve been using Astroglide and it seems to work very well.

I’ve been using Vaseline when I’ve tried PE the 1st time. But now I’ve come to the conclusion that regular food oil or olive oil is best for me. Not only does it lubricate the penis very properly with only little oil already, it is also free of any substances you don’t want to rub on your penis. Olive oil is also very healthy in general, so why not use it on your axe?

I like Vaseline for jelqing, but I’d be curious as to good water-based lubes available here in the U.S. For pumping, etc.. I’ve tried KY and Astroglide, but they just get sticky and even though you can rewet them, it’s not quite the same.

K-Y was my lube of choice. I now use Surgilube at 40% of the price and equal performance. 12 @ 4.25oz flip top tubes for $16 + shipping. Used by the medical profession primarily for insertion/gyn.

That Slyk stuff seems like it would go nice with ice cream


The question seems to be diverting into two different directions: namely, some stuff seems to. “work well” and “gets the job done” and other stuff seems to “work well” while also purportedly being “healthier” for the cock.

My vote is on the extra virgin olive oil and other high quality, cold processed, virgin pressing plant oils. Health and healing-wise would you rather have a substance on your pecker which is *foreign* to it (i.e. the chemicals and compounds found in mineral oil products (vaseline and such) such as, well, *petroleum*, and the chemicals found water based lubricants/lotions (astroglide, nivea, and sex shop lotions) such as methylparaben, alcohol polymers, and such), or one which is based in the very same chemicals and compounds found in your own body? Extra virgin olive oil has vitamin E, oleic acid, alpha-linolinic, and other forms of Omega-3 and Omega-6 oils in it if I’m not mistaken. These compounds are not only native to your own body, but indeed, as research seems keen to suggest, are directly implicated in a wide range of *healing bodily effects*.

Astroglide (love the stuff for other purposes by the way), nivea, and vaseline cannot actually help your dick beyond the type of viscosity’s and comfort they produce during your workout- olive oil can/does. Hand lotions, sex lotions, and vaseline could actually hurt your PEing by keeping you from using something that is fundamentally better for your dick just because it has a novel/sexy feel. It’s also possible that they could damage the tissues by promoting toxic residue buildup in the skin and tissues of the cock.

Mechanically, olive oil definitely does the trick. I use it and have never had any kind of skin irritation/loss of sensitivity whatsoever. In fact, the skin on my dick used to look kind of sallow/spotty due to (I’m pretty sure) poor circulation and had cold spots also. Now it’s very healthy, warmer, nicer color, and the skin fells much thicker and suppler- looks health as hell- like it stepped out of the closet and into the sun. lol.

Healing wise, some would say that sesame oil is even better than olive oil healing wise. I’ve used it and feel that it probably is a bit more healing/nutritive to tissues. Only thing is that the virgin sesame oil from a can smells quite intense. Makes it hard to use regularly/conveniently.

Being a fanatical healthy foods/ health foods appreciator for many years has made me conclude that the PE lubricant that Works Best is having the one that HEALS the most.

That said, my suspicion is that the cold pressed, virgin pressing, non-light struck, always refrigerated flax seed oil such as one finds in the refrigerated section of the health food store, may represent the absolute pinnacle of what a PE lubricant *could do* and *should be*. I’ve not done it yet but definitely plan to. I think it’d be the cadillac of jelqing oil healing wise. If the nivea user were to switch to this tomorrow I’m sure he’d have a “holy shit” reaction to it.

anyway, that’s my two cents.

Keep on kicking ass and making gains out there guys! Whatever you use, remember to USE IT! lol. :-p

I’m at three solid weeks now: olive oil/rice sock/stretch/rice sock/jelq/rice sock/light hang

My flaccid hang/cock appearance are so much better it’s amazing. Looks like a different dick! I’m not going to re-measure until I’ve done two solid months because I wanted to give it that much of a chance to set in. From the looks of the thing it’s going to be good! I’m sure I’ve gotten at least 1/8th of an inch in BPEL and EG and probably 3/18ths in flaccid length.

wantsmore; you have inspired me to jump into a vat of olive oil!

Originally Posted by waxx
I have been using Olive oil for years. It has never given me pimples or oily skin. It can be washed off with ordinary hand soap or left on for a sensuall feel.The ancient romans would use it to clean themselves as a form of bathing because of the good effects on the skin. It is full of vitamin E. It is cheap and you can purchase it at any grocery store on the corner. It comes in different viscositys: thick or regular olive oil or thinner and my favorite thinner one, extra virgin cold pressed Bertolli brand. I don’t recieve royaltys from them by the way. Oily skin comes from what you eat and genetics if I understand correctly. Reduce the fat soaked foods in your diet to help your skin and take a daily system de-toxifier like a tablespoon of Bragg brand(again my favorite) apple cider vinegar before your workout. It is a vasodiolator and will open up the arteries and blood vessels for a better session as well. Just have a chaser nearby because it kicks back like cheap vodka! I personally do not want the effects of cocoa butter to tighten my skin. I want to gain more skin for more growth to fill in. I hope this helps you and all who read it. Thunders Rules!!!!!

that’s it. Im totaly fucking sold on the olive oil idea. It just seems to make sense, and plus it doesn’t seem so odd now with all these people attesting to it.

I went to safeway and bought some K-Y jelly in a thin tube. Let me tell you this; fucking shittest stuff ever! Turned to Art clag in under a minute. They were out of wetstuff too (One eyed beast).

So I will give this Olive Oil a go! Anyone in Oz know of a good brand to use? Wetstuff will be plan C, because I have confidence that will work too!


So I will give this Olive Oil a go! Anyone in Oz know of a good brand to use? [/QUOTE]

I don’t know which oil is best for jelqing in Aus, but for cooking with, my good lady says Colavita, 1st cold pressed, extra virgin is the best.

After reading the replies on using olive oil, I think I’ll raid the pantry tonight and mix half with the flax seed oil I sometimes used to see how that works out. The flax seed on it’s own dries up too quickly, so you need to keep re-applying it. It is very rich in fatty acids, so I figured it would be good for the skin, but I am not sure how true my assertion is. It is used on leather and although my dick is not that old, I thought I’d give it a try. Also, it was just sitting in the pantry for a long time, so might as well put it to some use. I’ll keep you guys posted on my experience with it. If it does not work out, I’ll revert to plain olive oil as it seems to be the most widely used and accepted.

Alright i’m trying the Olive oil thing in the next hour or so, and I know for a fact all we have is the home brand (shittest one you can get), so if that works, there’s no looking back.


First pressed extra virgin- no matter the brand. If it says first pressed extra virgin then i’ts good stuff.

As a side note I used some extra virgin sesame oil last nite and shit, the stuff was great and the dick felt tremendous even after stretching, jelqing, hanging for over 2 hrs for the whole routine. Cock was like supple calf skin- not at all like a damaged road kill unit that had been over worked.

And speaking on that, one of the things I’ve also noticed is that there’s a much quicker rebound time so far as feeling “healthy” is concerned after a workout with oil than with water based products such as astroglide which i tried once when I didn’t have oil handy.

Fuck, it seems Olive oil isn’t just a lube- it’s a lube from God!
And also a cooking oil ove course.

And jelqing with seasame oil might help to pick up the asian ladies. Sounds like you had a nice roast beef log there wantsmore.



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