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Whats Kegel

Whats Kegel

Hi everybody,

What exactly is kegel?I have located my BC muscle but what to do with it?


You squeeze it the way you would to lift your penis if it is down or lower it if it is up, or the way you stop urinating

Kegels - BC Exercises

It’s all in here suhail, take a stroll about and get to know the joint, wud-ya?

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Although I consider myself good “English Know(er)” I still can’t figure out what kegel is.

I only know that when my penis is erected I can move it up and down (of course, no hands).

Is that kegeling ?


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And how much kegels should I start with in your opinion ?

I saw it is counted by mins.

But how much is considered a good effort ?

Start with squeezing whenever you remember. Kegeling while reading, watching movies or sitting at school are all cool. Once you get to grips with it (a month I’d say) begin increasing the duration until you can hold one kegel for five minutes. Once you can that, you won’t have to do as many kegels no more.

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Got it..

Thank You man

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