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whats is the average penis size of a normal person?

whats is the average penis size of a normal person?

hi , I’m currently 6” at erect and about 4” flaccid , i cant really say my diameter because i don’t know how to measure it,,.. anyway i just wanted to know if i had a small dick , i want to gain about 2” more in length , and about a 1” or more ( as much as possible ) in diameter , are these goals acceptable? and another think how do you measure your diameter and length ? as length goes i just take one of the plastic boards with measures from school and place right next to the penis pass the hair until it reaches the muscle. Hope you can answer questions.. Thank you.

Go to the search

Go to the search button and type “measurement” and/or word related to it and you will find post that will tell you how to measure.
By the way, the average penis is around 5.9’ and 6.0’ so you’re not below average. It’s possible for you to gain 2 inches in lenght and 1 or more in girth but that will depend on your routine and on you penis.Some grow more than others.
I started my routine on 7/14/02 with 5.9’ lenght and on 9/14/02 I was 6.7’ in lenght.My girth has been the same: 4.7’.So it’s possible for you to achieve significant gains.


Hey Hello2!

I don´t mean to be a smartass about this but you probably want to increase girth by 1” or so, not the diameter. The formula for girth is girth=pi x diameter, at least roughly, since girth isn´t a perfect circle. So increasing the diameter with 1” would mean increasing the girth by several inches.

You can quite easily meassure girth by taking a strip of paper and fold it around your dick, make a mark at one end and where the strip cross itself and meassure the distance with a ruler. Meassure at the same place every time.

Lenght is meassured by taking a ruler and press it into the pubic bone just above the penis and then reading the distance to the tip. This is called bonepressed meassurement. Make sure to push the ruler as far onto the bone as possible, or else you might fool yourself next time you meassure.

Good luck to you mate!

thanks guys

thanks guys and sorry about the diameter thing my english sucks i know and i have to express myself the way i can . Dont worry about it!

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