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Whats easier to achive

Whats easier to achive

Wondering what comes first, a increase of length or girth?

Given the fact that I see that my girth has slightly increase over lenght. What came first to you?

I don’t know if there’s a way to really know, although I bet a study of PE statistics here could lead to some preliminary conclusions. Given that a lot of us are steered towards length first instead of girth, whether through personal preference or conventional wisdom, I’d say length, and that’s been the case for me.

05/06/2013: BPEL: 6.250" | MSEG: 5.125" | BPFSL: 6.250" | MSFG: 4.375"

10/15/2013: BPEL: 7.000" | MSEG: 5.375" | BPFSL: 7.563" | MSFG: 4.750"

Goals: BPEL: 7" ACHIEVED New goals: BPEL: 7.5" | MSEG: 5.75" | Brad the Bartender\'s Progress Log and Pics

Thanks for the info, because I have seen a slight increase in the girth but nothing yet on the length.

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