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What's ADS, and why the hell are the stretchers so expensive


Actually, it was a weird coincidence that yesterday I found a link you posted to the code of how to manually do it…took me a few tries but I got it.

When I saw your post today, I looked for what you said…and for the life of me I couldn’t find it. But, I do appreciate you looking out for us computer challenged members! Thanks again.

sam1966, I meant to add the Static Stretcher as well. It costs $99 + shipping (which turns out to be a $108 dollar cost) The web site uses PayPal. There’s a very long thread about it, which was started by gerrykjohnson (our notorious cartoonist).

It’s another way to go.

Google “Static Stetcher”, it should be in the top ten results (it’s second, I think - anyway it’s the one that says ‘penis’ in the summary :) ).

Hope that helps.

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