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Whats a reasonable aim

Whats a reasonable aim

Hello folks.

Well, current measurements are:

BPEL: 5.85inch
NBPEL: 5.4inch
EG: 4.25inch

Now, I can spend 45mins a day on PE. I cannot buy any apparatus, I.e no clamps/pumps etc :( So only manual exercises and jelqing for me :( . Unless these can be bought in a hardware store or something or made yourself without anyone being suspicious.

I am 18 and had late growth spurt (now over), but have a large amount of growth hormone in body compared to most people my age.

So, how much can I possibly grow from Jelqing and Stretching? I did PE a few months ago for only like a week (just as a trial), and I did notice my knob was a lot harder and veins a lot visible just within the week!

Would expecting 6.25 inch NBPEL (0.85inch) and 5.00inch EG (0.75 inch) be too much in 1 year (45mins a day) without using any tools/apparatus?

Why would a cable clamp be a suspicious apparatus? When not being used for PE you could put it over some wires and make it serve its “real” purpose. But I would not recommend clamping until you are several more months into your PE routine and everything is conditioned properly.

Most apparatuses can be made from stuff from the hardware store and some can be bought from the hardware store ready to go ( cable clamp).

As far as if you can gain that much or not, I don’t know. Everyone is different and everyone will get different results. I think though that your goal seems somewhat reasonable and that you have a good chance to get what you want if you stick with it and don’t half ass your PE routine.

And hell if you don’t get 6.25 NBPEL and only get up to 6 is that really failure. No, you still gained and will continue to gain.

PE takes time. Your only 18 and you have plenty of time. Many people had to do this for years to reach there goals. Stick to it and you will gain.

And don’t totally rule out the apparatuses. They can be vital to getting to your goals. Although you should not use them until you have mastered the manual exercises and think you have enough conditioning.

Good luck

Nothing to back it up but I believe that one inch is doable for just about every guy that sticks with it.

Homemade Hanger Models and Instructions gives a selection of hangers you can make on the cheap. You can pick up a few clamps for next to nothing while you are getting the hanger parts as well.

To start with just use your hands as plenty of guys get bigger with nothing other than manual PE.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

I think your goals are reasonable. It’s all about sticking to it though. Of course, I shouldn’t talk because I haven’t actually kept a routine for more than 2 months.

I think the Newbie Routine will get you to your length goal “easily.” The girth seems to be more of an issue with manual exercises only guys. I think if you add in specific girth exercises after a few months of the Newbie Routine, you can reach your girth goal as well. Also as stated before, isn’t any gain at all a success? Also as stated before, everyone is different and responds to PE differently. If you are lucky you’ll get some fast newbie gains to get you on your way.

Oct 2006: BPEL: 7.75" NBPEL: 7.00" EG: 5.125"

Goal: 17+ cubic inches of volume, someday, currently inactive

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