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Whats a good upward stretch technique?

Whats a good upward stretch technique?

I just figured out that my LOT is at 6 o’clock so I need to be stretching upward. I’ve gotten so used to the A-stretch does anyone know a really good upward stretch technique?

Oh You Didn't Know...

Would like to hear this because mine is also 6 o’clock :(

Check the following link, may be your LOT is not a 6 o’clock, because it’s not always measured when your head
Stops pulling back completely.

LOT test, movement of head and ligs.

I’ve been stretching at upper angles for the past few weeks. I usually stretch straight out with my free arm under my gripping one so I can put leverage on it. When my arm or hand get tired in that position, I’ll keep the tension on and raise it up with a V-stretch, but the V is pushing out instead of down. When that hurts my handweb too much, I’ll pull straight up with my free hand assisting the pull upwards. I’ll also keep it in that straight up stretch and pull a little to each side for around 30 seconds each. I’ll do this over and over again until I’ve hit 20 minutes.

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