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What's a good local in-store budget IR heating lamp?

What's a good local in-store budget IR heating lamp?

As the title says I’m looking for a budget IR heating lamp that I could find in-stores locally. I live in las vegas, so I have most modern stores. Most people I see when I search say get an adjustable which I’m planning on getting. They also say don’t go for a complete cheapo lamp and to get a decent budget one. My question is what exactly is cheap and what’s decent? If anyone can provide links of examples of what would be good or where you got yours in-store locally and what brand it is it’d be greatly appreciated.

Also I have a few questions about doing warmup and warmdowns with the heating lamp. Hopefully firegoat or other experienced PE can chime in. I know you’re supposed to be between 12-18” away, but how long am I supposed to warmup for? Do you do your session with the lamp on at the same or slightly further distance? How long do you do your warmdowns for? Do you prefer the IR over a heating pad? I plan on doing the newbie routine for atleast 6-9 months with minor accessory work(fowfers/ads) before I start getting into vulcrum golf weight stretches. Thanks in advance :)

Damn that perfect. ITS ceramic and everything. This is funny because yesterday I went to home depot and Lowe’s and neither one of them had an infrared bulb. I might end up getting my entire setup from a pet Hopefully they have stronger bulbs. I’m only seeing 100watts on the site .

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I have only used it a couple of times but I think it will do the trick. This is my first lamp as well.

The store that I bought from had a 150w bulb in another brand. It will be in the reptile section. Just tell the pretty clerk at the store that you want to heat your lizard :)


I bought a work light from Lowes and a 250 watt IR bulb at lowes. Works great, but must say I think the Petco lamp would work just as good if not better. The wire covering the bulb would help prevent you from accidentally touching the bulb when it is hot.

Work Light:…ollow&cId=PDIO1

250 Watt IR bulb:…lamp&facetInfo=

I used a heat pad to warm up and then used the IR lamp during my workouts.

Take care and happy gains.

4Foreskin ;)

I found that lamp by accident really. I was searching and searching for the protective screen for the other “clamp light” style sockets, and found this in a gooseneck that will clamp to my desk.


Those both look like good lamps I think I’m going to go with the petco one though :) I was hoping to find a good adjustable black lamp to match my desk and computer as I might use it as a reading light as well. Thanks you both! And 4Foreskin is 250watt’s too high? Everyone I’ve read about so far said they used 150watts how do you like using 250?

I actually have a new question. For the bulb, does it matter if I use an red IR bulb or a clear heating bulb? I was looking at some bulbs on walmarts website and came across these two:

Zoo Med Laboratories 150 Watt Infrared Inc Nocturnal Bulb:…l-Bulb/34066642

General Electric 125W Heat Lamp Clear Bulb, 1-Pack, R40…ck-R40/24182811

Is there a difference between the clear heat lamp bulb and the red infrared bulb? I’m just curious because the 150watt IR bulb is $28 while the normal clear one is only $5. I’m trying to keep this as low budget as possible, but if it comes down to it or proves to be superior I’ll dish out the extra 25 for the IR bulb if you guys think it will be more effective and will reduce the risk of injury in the long run.

If you are using the Petco lamp, the maximum capacity is 150W.


To my knowledge I think you want the IR bulb. A clear heat lamp would be similar to have a normal white light shining on you, except the heat lamp might get a little hotter. The point of the IR is that it actually penetrates your skin and tissue whereas a normal heat bulb would warm the outside mostly.

Start 6/2012: 7 NBP x 5.5 MSEG

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