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What women really want


What women really want

Here is my theory about what women really want. This is not just speculation. This is proven by experience and time. Women want “you” to have whatever their girlfriends men don’t have. It is all about bragging rights for chicks. They say we are the competitive ones but let me tell you, woman are unbelievable. Yes a bigger cock helps. You can’t be 3” and expect to please but in reality most woman are only 3-6 inches deep so if you are 7” vs 8” vs 9” does it really matter physically. Probably not, but what does matter is what they see and what they think and what they can brag about to the girls. Yes, I am doing PE mostly for that reason. My 6.75” gets the job done most of the time. I hit the cervix and give orgasms, but I need that extra psychological edge. They need to think you big even if the extra size can’t get passed the vulva during sex. A footnote. This what they want thing applies to other things as well. If you have money and all the other girls men don’t then you are the man. If you have great bod and all the other girls men are average then you are the man etc etc etc. So, is PE a good idea? Yes it’s a great idea but so is fitness, general appearance, attitude and the entire package. The name of the game is make them think they have the best to brag about, then you have it made. Hey, you might even get referral sex. It is not unheard of that some girl brags to her friends and then one of the friends comes after the guy in question!

I agree this approach works but only with girls blessed with lower than average IQ.

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I agree with sparky91. That’s all I really have to say.

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Not quite that simple

I beg to differ. I have seen this with woman from all walks of life up to and including a college dean, a few school teachers, and some female military officers.


Oh the irony :uhuh:

Thunder, Slack, and I were having lunch today and Thunder mentioned that paragraphs were “on the house” for this month. :)

I somewhat agree with the original post, but some women don’t tell what they have at home.

Many women seek to be envied, true. Yet, when they have what the THINK they want, even if it invokes envy in others, it still fails to satisfy. A woman who has everything she THOUGHT she would ever need is more than likely taking prozac or some other psychotropic anti-depressant.

Women think about shoes more than men think about sex. A woman can love shoes that pinch her toes. For a man, I don’t care how HOT a chick is, if her pussy pinches his dick, she’s history! That being said, a closet full of shoes won’t make a woman happy.

The key is not to focus on what a woman SAYS she wants, but to focus on what she NEEDS, whether she knows she needs it or not. A woman NEEDS to be with a man she respects, who commands respect. All that gets a lot deeper than this thread, so I’ll stop there.

What you believe means nothing.

How you love means everything!

It probably only makes sense to me. <grin>

What you believe means nothing.

How you love means everything!

That’s pretty deep, if you think about it.

Slender, this has been bothering me. At times, I lie awake at night pondering this. Well not anymore, but a month ago I did.

I use to think your AV was a weirdly shaped penis with a sock wrapped around it until I actually discovered it was a naked girl. Is this a sign that I’m too involved with PEing? I think when I see a naked girl I should see a NAKED GIRL. Not some weirdly distorted penis.

I messaged you a while back, but I forgot which thread it was in.

Does anyone else see a weirdly shaped penis? Or is it just me?

I suggest that you start hanging out with a different crowd of women.

So nobody saw a penis when they first saw Slenders av? Nobody? Because from here it still looks a lot like a penis.


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