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What will happen if you do this

What will happen if you do this

Hello I’m new to PE.

I have been doing it for the past couple of days and I have found the result to be pretty impressive. I have been doing stretches everyday, mostly when I have time. (I have too much spare time on my hands) So I’m constantly doing something through out the day. I try to not over do it though. I don know if it’s too early to say, but I have noticed some small gains. I have also noticed that my erections have felt a little stronger than before. I am keeping to my routine, but I try to find other things to make the routines a little different each time. I am just wondering is has anyone here gained anything or has experience with getting an erection and then clamping the base down with your fingers-letting your penis get swollen (to a certain extent. You still have some feeling though.) After it got swollen the erection wasn’t as hard, I jelqed as usual. It felt different, but before I think about doing it again. I need to know what advances or disadvantages it may have.

It’s great

That’s called a squeeze and is an excellent exercise but since your a newb you better be careful with it or you may blow out a vein.

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