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What was your start size?


What was your start size???

I’m wondering what everyones start size was. Seems to me you all were massive from the start. I’m at 4.75” HARD. I would be happy at 5.5”.

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I haven’t gained anything yet though.

6 1/4 ” :)


Don’t worry Ken,

You will do fine.

I started at 5.04” and am now at 6.81”. If I can do it, so can you!

Be positive and be consistent. Two jelqs today and three more next week is not enough!

Good luck and be seeing ya at 8!

6 5/6” more or less… Didn’t measure again but I think I passed the 7” mark.

If you haven’t already, check out Yguy’s story in the “Collected wisdom from the vets and good gainers”-article. I think you’ll find his post rather interesting and inspiring. I know I do.

March 2003 5.7" EBPL 5.0" EG

Currently 7.7" EBPL 5.1" EG

Goal 8.0" EBPL 6.0" EG

6” didn´t get any gains after a month……

I’ve been PEing for about 2 weeks now I currently sit at 6.5” when I first started out I was something like 6.3, I didnt really measure because I didnt think it would work, also for measuring do you do a bone press measure? when you put the measuring tape as far back as you can? Because if not then I’m like 5.8”.

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5.75” X 4.5” .. I am a migit of the girth. But thanks to my newly added girth blasters I will see dino at 7” girth!

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6.5 X 5.5 EBP

4 X 4.1 Flaccid

4.5 EBP x 4.0 girth flaccid 2.0 x 3.0 girth After two and a half years of PE now 6.75 x 5.5 girth flaccid 5.0 length. It can be done, I’m living proof!

Starting data taken from Size’s PE Data site:

Tube - Size’s PE data analysis

-Still bitter the y2k bug was a dud.

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6.5 El

5.5 Eg

starting blocks march 19 2004 6.5 bpel 5.5 girth bpel-7.75 eg- 6 3 months 1.25 inches in length 1/2 in girth. Last month sitting idle because my tool is now black instead of white.

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