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What was the first change you noticed


I noticed that my erection was waking me up every morning at 4:30am… almost like clockwork.

At the same time, though, I was doing some dietary stuff (a la “4 hour body”) to increase testosterone production so that might have affect the morning wood also.

Started ... Dec 2010: 6.25in BPEL, 5.75in MEG

Current ... Jan 2012: 6.9in BPEL, 6.0in MEG

Goal ... whenever: 8.0in BPEL, 6.25in MEG ** With great penis comes great responsibility **

I started getting hairy and howling at the moon. Oh PE changes… it felt thicker and meatier. Then it became more vascular and harder and random morning wood after an absence of many years. I was lucky to have good newbie gains and rapidly improving EQ also. (I didn’t even know I needed to improve my EQ until I got a full on erection and it was damn, where did that come from… wait a second, that’s what it looked like when I was in my late teens/ early 20s.)

I only got a bigger flaccid some time after starting when I started fowfering.

But the best one was quite late on… hairs on the base of the shaft… positive proof that it had grown past the newbie gains in my eyes. (I never did howl at the moon though:) )

I’ve noticed some girth and length gains 4 weeks in but EQ still sucks ass. Need to lay off the porn.

Starting point (15 May 2011) BPE = 7.55", EG = 5.75" (biggest part at middle), EG = 5.55" (at base) EQ = Bad/low

Interim goal (ie. I would be highly satisfied with the following) BPE = 8.5", EG = 6.5" (at base), EQ = High

Long term goal (ie. It would be nice but I wouldn't be disappointed if I didnt get there and I wouldn't want to go beyond this)BPE = 9",EG = 7"


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