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What to tell my wife?


What to tell my wife?

I have been working on PE now for about 1o weeks, using the advice on this forum. I have gained about 3/4 inch bpl, and I can’t believe it but the ruler does not lie. I have gained a full 2 inches in flaccid length. Last week my wife (we’ve been married for 20 years) suddenly noticed the change in flaccid length (she thought it was erect). She has been checking out the unit ever since at each opportunity. She even spies on me when I take a pee. She keeps asking me why my penis is getting bigger. I tell her its the same as ever. But she won’t accept that answer (after 20 years she obviously knows the size I should be). So what should I tell her? If I say I’m doing PE I’m sure she will flip out (I have a history of doing some strange things, she will not be in the mood hear about another adventure). But she certainly seems to be enjoying my new appearance.


Tell her you have been doing exercises to increase penis circulation, etc. Take the health route. You know, “Honey, as a man gets older his erections tend to decrease … so to ward off this possibility I have been doing exercises to increase circulation, improve erections, blah, blah, blah … and a side effect of this is sometimes an increase in penis length and girth. I know sex is important to both of us so I am doing this for us blah, blah, blah ….”

There you have it. Now go lie :)


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She’s digging it so…the problem is…?

20 years, hell, tell her.

I told the lovely Mrs. 29 about PE almost as soon as we started dating(over 2 years ago). NBD.

I’ve likened PE to weight lifting. She loves my fatter dick. Probably thinks it’s a little weird, but shes been around, knows the love affair guys have with their dicks. Really, NBD.


Congrats on your most impressive progress. I’m jealous.


It really depends on you and your level of comfort in explaining. Some people just aren’t comfortable explaining it to their SO, others don’t care. If you feel that she will be understanding, then go ahead. I hope that she will not find anything wrong with what you’re doing, as it is an enhancement for her as well. I have read many posts where men just aren’t comfortable talking about it, and others where they just throw it out there. If you choose to tell her, be honest, be patient, and answer all her questions, I assure you, she will have them.

I for one am glad that I was told about it. He informed me upfront when we first started dating and I never had a problem with it. It’s something that I have enjoyed learning about with him.

Good luck to you and congratulations on a job already well done!


Flower: Thanks for the advice, I appreciate your comments, and agree that being open with the most important person in your life is the best way to go, the honest approach certainly would have avoided a few difficulties we’ve had in the past. I think I’ll wait for the right moment to break the news to her, like if she asks me directly - are you doing penis exercises? I’ll say yup, just for you, baby.

btw, I should have said “friends” instead of “gentlemen”, sorry about that.



I have known about my spouses PE efforts from the very beginning. I can understand the hesitancy some guys have toward telling their wives or girlfriends, I don’t always agree with it, but I understand it.

You have two options, tell her you are doing exercises to increase penile health, keep the prostate healthy (which you are), or tell her that you are doing excerciese that will increase the size of your penis (which you are).

And don’t worry about the gentleman part, I get asked in chat how much I have gained all the time :)

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Honesty goes a loooong way!

After 20 years of marriage, one would think you guys are capable of talking just about anything….so tell her what you are doing.

Take Marty’s advice, wrap it in nice words…mainly don’t make her feel inadequate, tell her you are doing it for health reasons, but be honest with her about what you are doing!

She might want to give you a helping hand…who knows. ;)

Make it huge....!

Uncut4Big / Mike

So the lovely Mrs29, after hearing about PE gives me the “so really what is what you’re doing” “I just want to see” “can’t I help” I agreed and I never realized the sound jelqing makes with a vaselined dick. After a couple of minutes, well… shit.

Over here it’s a solitary thing, only because.


If she asks you why you’re doing it, you can tell her it is to help maintain your erections. She’ll buy that, I’m sure.

I’m older, so I have been telling the Mrs. that one’s penis keeps growing as they get older. She’s bought that so far. She’s also eyeing my growing flaccids with increasing curiosity. She’s very shy about discussing such matters, so it isn’t an issue for me, so far. :D


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BTW, isn’t it great the way they keep checking it out? The Mrs. sneaks a look every chance she gets. I love it!!


"It's not the getting there but the going that's gotta be good." Varg


bh21460: Is she enjoying the new sensations in addition to the “new you view”?

I told Mrs RBM from the start. We’ve been married almost 25 years, she’s like my best friend, and (I was hoping) there’d be no way she wouldn’t notice. Also, she’s home during the time of day that I do my PE workout. I knew there would be no way I could explain 45 minutes in the bathroom every evening, not to mention hanging gear, weights, measuring tapes, etc.

She’s fine with it. Her first reaction was that “men are so silly worrying about that” and “you’re fine for me, but if that’s what you want to do, go for it.” (Women are so kind that way, aren’t they?) I tried making the “breast implant parallel”, but she wears a 36C, so she didn’t really understand that, either. I did make the health argument, and she liked that, but she knows that the main goal is enlargement.

Sunny: you’ve had significant gains, too. Think of all of the friends & other interesting people you’ve met (and helped) here.

HH: I love it, too.


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Well looks like its a unanimous vote for being truthful, this is one honest and open group of people. If she asks, I’ll tell her what I’m doing - going for 8 inches. Today at my office she was eating a banana and pretending she was giving it a blow job, she hasn’t flirted like that in 10 years, I can’t wait to get back home tonight. She probably already knows what I’m doing, certainly seems to be enjoying the results so far.

Thanks for the advice.

Be honest with her…it really is the best policy. I spilled my guts after my wife busted me getting ready to hang. Best thing I ever did. I get lots of privacy when I want it and there is no more sneeking around. Much, much better.

Originally Posted by sunshinekid
I get asked in chat how much I have gained all the time :)

Sunshinekid…how much have you gained and what is your current routine? :chuckle:
Sorry, couldn’t resist(:


Have you got some good comeback responses for such queries? :D


"It's not the getting there but the going that's gotta be good." Varg


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