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What To Expect

What To Expect

What gains could I wish or hope to expect with luvdadus’ newbie routine…I’ve done 2 days of it already (sans kegels right afterwards because I do kegels throughout different times of the day everyday). Routine further shows after 2 days on, take 1 day off…

Gains vary from person to person but if you start with this routine and very gradualy add more intensity, you should make gains of 2 inches or more in length within a period of 1.5 - 2 years. Its not unreasonable to expect more than 1” of girth gains in this kind of period as well.

If you practice and respond to the exercises well and you will encourage good gains.

Some people get a jump of up to one inch within the first 2-3 months but don’t count on that. Growth tends to be faster earlier on, so if your targets are modest you will be able to reach them more quickly.

You should be willing to put in the time if you really want the gains. It is simply a matter of time and effort.

Thanks for the info and the encouragement, memento. Just 1 1/2 to 2 years to get 1” to 2” inch gains; hell, I’ve been underendowed for over 30 years! lol…yeah, I’ll just stick to the newbie routine and check you guy’s posts/replies out and see what modifications/changes I can make while I’m PEing. I guess we all have a common goal here at this board…peace…

Sorry that came out wrong in 1.5-2 years you should manage 2” +.

Keep to the newbie program for at least 2 months before you start experimenting too much. The physical change in the penis is most noticeable in this time. You need these changes for (more veins, tougher) to handle the advanced exercises. Many a new guy (including me) has caused themselves injury by trying too much too quickly. Injury = time off = no gains :(

Good luck and good gains.

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