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What to do with skin when not circumcised?

What to do with skin when not circumcised?

I’m not circumcised. What should I do with my foreskin when stretching and jelqing? Should I pull the skin behind the head or leave it as it is over the head? I dont want to have any more foreskin if it is possible.

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For stretching pull back your skin to get maximum stretch and for jelqing leave it as it is. I think this is what most of the people here do.

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I’m uncircumcised.
I always pull back my foreskin when doing stretching and jelqing.

I think that is the correct way, if not you are stretching your foreskin and not your penis. :)


I think I’m pulling my penis the right way. Here is how I go with my wet jelqing.

Palm down ok grip and make sure each stroke starts from the very base of my penis. This way I have gained .3” in both direction in about 8 months.

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