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What to do on an off day?

What to do on an off day?

Since I’m still on the newbie routine what should I do. Am I not allowed to do ANYTHING to my penis. I was just wounder if I could do kegels, stretch it (fowfers), anything! Or if anyone recommends anything that would help, I would greatly appreciate it.

Kegels yeah,but no need to overdo it.Perhaps an ADS,but light…and definetily edging and balooning.Those are actually fun:)

Thanks, I’m not actually sure how to do a right kegel routine, I know how to kegel, but how long, and how many do I have to do normally, and on an off day… And what is ballooning? Sorry… I’m dumb…

Nearly any question can be answered by doing a search, this is certainly the case with ballooning.

Good kegel routine:

3x20 short (1-3 seconds each rep)
After three weeks add this: 2x10 long (10-15 seconds a rep)

This kegel routine has made me harder than ever before.

Ah ha… Sounds fantastic bird… Do you count 1—2—3. Or do you go, 1 mississippi, etc.?

Originally Posted by Gentle Wind
Ah ha… Sounds fantastic bird… Do you count 1—2—3. Or do you go, 1 mississippi, etc.?

No, I guess. Some will be 3 seconds while others will be 2. For the longer kegels, I use an stopwatch.

okie dokie. I still can’t find shit on ballooning…

What should you do?

Forget about PE and your cock and go live your life. Life has much to offer. There’s so much you can do, yet so little time to do it.


Observe... learn from other people's mistakes.

Life does have much to offer, but when you don’t have confidence in yourself, no matter how much life has to offer, won’t make a difference, even if I do have a slightly above average penis, I will stick with PE untill I reach my goal.

I live a rich fulfilling life already, taking some time away from it to enchance my manhood is no problem to me whatsoever.

I’m a newbie too, so I don’t think like I’m in a position to give advice, but what I do is let it rest all day and not play with it, to me it seems like my penis grows much faster when I don’t push it so much and when give it enough time to repair. I think kegels are fine to do during day-off. I could be wrong tho but just trying to help

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