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What to do next?

What to do next?

I started my PE career in 1 of jan. The first 5 months I gained 2cm in lenght and 1cm in girth. The last two months I’ve gained nothing.

My routine has always been the noob rutine. The only thing I’ve changed is the time and sec per jelg/stretch. I think I have to try something new. Maybe clamping. I’ve tryed to find a store who sells them but without luck. What chould I ask for when I wanna but a clab in PE purpose.

What can I do next?

Since you had great gains with that routine, I’d say take a decon break of a month and start again with that kind of routine, before trying something else. A lot of people have to spend a lot of time before finding anything that gives gains, so don’t throw useful things too early.

Yeah, noob routine really works. I do it without the kegels and right now I’m having a break. I’ll start again soon and I hope that they will effect even more. I want women to see a monster inside my pants. That will be achieved.

I’m noob to tell you anything but maybe take some break, try again and if it does not work, do more work.

So I will not lose gains if I take a one month break?

Originally Posted by mavadors
So I will not lose gains if I take a one month break?

Listen, I took almost 1 month break without any kind of PE. I didn’t lose any gains. I think that the gain loses come when having a 1 year break, if it even comes.

thats nice to hear :)


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