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What to do next

What to do next

I started PE about one and a half months ago.
I started with 8 inches (not measuring directly from pubic bone- I forgot the abbreviation), and 6 inches in girth.
So far I gained 0,4 inches in length and about 0,35 inches in girth.
My aim is to gain one inch in length and one inch in girth.
What should I do after the three months of newbie routine to reach this goal?

PS: can someone explain the measuring terminology again?

Dude, why are you here? Your penis is already very large. Out of curiousity, what are your reasons for wanting an additional 1” in both directions?

Why not..

When you age, you lose size so why not take precautions.

And I think every man that has a cock smaller than Jonah Falcon’s unit wants a bigger dick.

You need to sort out the terminology and sort out how to measure. Without decent measurements you can’t accurately determine progress. BPEL is the standard measurement, pushing in to the pubic bone. We use this to prevent a month of pizza’s producing a perceived loss in gains, it’s a more stable measurement. Check the Penis Enlargement FAQ for all the terminology.

0.4” in length and 0.35” girth is good in 1.5 months. You could change your routine and stop gaining at that rate or even altogether. But if you are convinced your gains are slowing, then try to ramp up the stretches with some more intense variants and start throwing in more advanced girth excercises with the jelqing (be careful with these). If you gradually ramp up the routine and constantly monitor your progress, you should be on to a good thing.


This is a penis enlargement site. Certainly my first thoughts on seeing that PE might be possible was “why not”.

Thunder's Place: increasing penis size one dick at a time.

I understand that. But when you see someone that is already sporting an 8 x 6 measurement, you’ve got to ask yourself why. I’m not trying to discourage him, I just wanted him to know that he is already carrying a big stick! To each his own. Don’t mind me, it’s jealousy talking!

:) We all have our own personal reasons for this. Some are because they feel their size is not adequate, others because they are competitive, more still who think “why not”. There have to be any number of reasons.

Sure mr. johnson has what a lot of people here state as their final goal, but sometimes I think there is an attempt to put off people with larger starting stats, so I just wanted to state for the record that this is a penis enlargement site so it’s not about comparing start and end stats, it’s about the stuff between those stats.

Thunder's Place: increasing penis size one dick at a time.


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