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What the ruler doesn't tell you

What the ruler doesn't tell you

Hey guys, just thought I’d share a little story of some of my experiences with PE. I started out about a year ago with the newbie routine followed a month or so of hanging. Unfortunately, I then had to stop for the next six month’s due to personal issues. I have since restarted with the newbie routine, and am working towards more intense manual exercises, ultimately leading to clamping (not for until many more months of conditioning though.)

Throughout my PE career I haven’t really had any noticeable increases in length or girth, but I do believe that PE changes your penis in ways that do not necessarily manifest themselves in front of the ruler. What convinced me of this was my girlfriend. We’ve been dating for about two years (I started PE after we’d been dating for one year). During the entire two years, I’ve only received two comments about my penis size. The first one was about two weeks into the newbie routine. She commented on how it seemed “bigger” and “different”. I was shocked because I had been measuring and noticed no increases neither visual nor measurable, but she was so sincere I knew she wasn’t just trying to patronize me. Eventually, I dismissed it as coincidence. About two month’s later I stopped all PE because of the aforementioned “personal issues”. Fast forward six month’s to December ‘06 where I restart the newbie routine and sure enough, after three weeks, I get the same comments again. Coincidence? I don’t think so. Anyway, the point is, if you’re feeling discouraged because you feel like you’re making no progress. Don’t give up. Consistence and dedication are the keys to success, and if you don’t have a steady partner consider this. It’s hard to notice change in yourself, (you don’t really notice yourself aging do you?), so just because you think nothing is happening doesn’t mean that it’s true. Good luck to you all. May your penises live long and prosper.

i know. i’ve been clamping for a week, and i haven’t seen any measurable increases in girth, but i’ve seen visual increases.

at some point you just have to stop going by the ruler. when i get my EG to 5”, then i’ll just do it every now and then, whenever i feel like it and take whatever increases come.

All I want for Christmas is a little EG,

and to correct curvature, which is going well.

Hey Minnow.

I’ve had the same kind of luck with PE.
To me, it doesn’t look all that bigger, though it is a little bigger in both dimensions when I measure.
The main guide point has been my g/f telling me how massive its become, and how it keeps getting bigger (usually after I go on a consistent stint of PE)
I went from being a guy in the middle of her penis size experiance, to number two. And I’ve only increased byt like 1/8” in length and about 1/4” in girth in ruler terms.
Now I’m aiming at the #1 spot…Though she said that he was very girthy, and a little longer, so I have alot of work to do.

I hear you on that one Sacred. I’m lucky enough to have a girl who has only been with one other guy. I’ve asked her in a very casual way if he was bigger than me and she said we were about the same. I know enough to not inquire further (lest I reveal my insecurities) so I plan to play the odds and PE until chances are, statistically, I should be the biggest.

S.S same thing for me man, in the ruler I made poor gains 0.5cm, but my girlfriend always comment about my dick, almost every time we make sex “is a lot of bigger” “very muscle”, very interesting topic!

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