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What size should I get? Need suggestions from big guys.


What size should I get? Need suggestions from big guys.

I have been doing pe for a few years, and I hate it. I guess everyone is just different, but I lack the patience and discipline thats required, so…. I have decided to do a penis enlargement using macrolane. It relatively safe, but pretty expensive (and not permanent). Although, since time is money, PE might be even more expensive.

Anyhow, now I have to decide how big I want to make my penis. My current stats are 18cm/7” EL (20cm/8” BPEL) and 12cm/4.8” of girth at the smallest place under the glands, and 14cm/5.5” girth around the base.

Now, I can chose pretty freely what size to get, and I dont want to go too big, or too small. I will mainly focus on adding girth, but with macrolane you will get length gains as well.

I was thinking about getting 15cm/6” of girth under the glands and 16,5cm/6,5” around the base. That way I would get the godly 8x6 penis. But is that enough? I can get more if I want to, but how big is too big? Should I go 9x7? Im afraid that it might be overkill and that I never ever will get oral or anal again with that kind of penis. Im also afraid that most girls simply wont be able to take it.

So, “big guys”… whats your experience?

I will probably to this within 14 days or so. I will post pre/after pics etc.

First you are already big in the length depart . Your girth is considered huge already and with PE you will get that coveted 8 x 6 in no time.

Why pay thousands when you could get a big dick for free. All it takes is dedication, patience, knowledge. Knowing your PI’s ect. Getting a routine down.

It looks like you have been down this road before why all sudden the surgery?? or what is that thing you buying?? Confused??

Is there a link or picutures ???

I don’t know man.

I think you have a good length and your girth is quite good. What sort of routine do you do?

Cum vinum intrat, exit sapientia

What was your starting size? if you have already made significant gains doesn’t that alone motivate you to carry on?

for me, you are already perfect man.

now 7(18 cm) BP , 5.9(15 cm) MEG

Click me: my photos

Originally Posted by smallville79
for me, you are already perfect man.

Thats what she said.

With your current size you shouldn’t have a problem satisfying any of your sexual partners.. Unless THEY have an issue. With your current size the only other ”mechanical” factors that can hinder your game is EQ and stamina, so be sure to keep those on point.

If what you want to do is put up a show with your penis to see what kind of reactions you can get, then there is really no limit. There will always be someone bigger than you and the reactions you get while showing your cock to a girl will only depend on her past experiences.

Personally I do PE because it’s great for my EQ and I really enjoy waking up in the morning doing my routine (I also want to correct my curve). But if you don’t like PE then you should just cement your stuff.

Start (04/11) - BPEL : 18 cm (7 1/8 in), EG (midshaft) : 14 cm (5.5 in)

08/11 - BPEL : 20 cm (7 1/8 in), EG (midshaft) : 14 cm (5.5 in), BPFSL 21.5 cm

Just hit a plateau >.< gotta go through it!

That’s already a big size, probably bigger than the majority of the population. 8 inch BPEL is huge and you have right on average girth. I think you need to sort out your psychologic state before your penis.


Your current size is quite respectable.

Since you want more size (and there’s nothing wrong with that), you have some disposable income and are not inclined to PE methods which take up your time, perhaps you should consider pumping, maybe with an electric pump rather than a hand pump. It takes virtually no time - just the time to start the session, and then you’re free to do something else while the pump does all the work. It’s a lot cheaper than surgery. And it’s a lot safer than surgery.

Personally, I shudder at the thought of voluntarily slicing open a functioning penis of adequate or better size to insert foreign material in it, and hope that it heals without infection, without scarring, and without rejection of the implanted material.

For Lampwick, becoming hung like a donkey was the result of a total commitment.

You already have the perfect size.

Go for 13x9

In my opinion you don’t need PE, but at most only some girth.

Se state cominciando il PE non cercate routine avanzate o fantasiose, rischiate solo di farvi male o di non guadagnare.

Usate la Newbie routine :) .

Macrolane may lead to impotence and pain.. Its ur penis.

Originally Posted by juke
Go for 13x9


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