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what should the penis head look like while jelqing?

what should the penis head look like while jelqing?

My EG is 4.5” around, but my dick head is smaller than that and actually looks kind of funny. If I kegel hard, it gets bigger so that it is proportionate with my shaft.

Naturally, one of my primary goals is to make the head bigger. So I want to make sure what is happening to the head while I jelq, is normal.

Basically, it gets really big, perhaps even bigger than when I kegel. Also, the surface of the head, while it is smooth while I kegel, gets dappled like the surface of an orange when I am at the peak of a jelq. Is this normal?


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Originally Posted by Mr. Happy


Uh huh.

I concur with GM and Mr.Happy :) My one also turns EXTREMELY red.

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