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What should it feel like

What should it feel like

What should your dick feel like after a workout? Should it feel a bit tender or anything? Mine feels just as normal to be honest so am I not working it hard enough?

Mine feels normal the only difference is that my flaccid looks longer and fatter.

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As long as it doesn’t feel bad/painful then all is good :)

It depends upon the exercises you have been doing to give you an indication of symptomatic feelings. But, generally it should take on a feeling of exhaustion (and, exhaustion meaning it has no inclination for sexual pleasure). Hanging will usually always lead to complete exhaustion; whereas jelq-type activity leads to a light throbbing sensation.

Take anything and everything that DutyQuest has posted with a large grain of salt.

I have been PEing since mid-November. I would say that I do not recall a time when my penis was sore except last week when I started hanging. It was sore because of the type of tape I had been using. That tape was very difficult to remove. As a matter of fact it was very painful to do so. I then reread some of the posts by others who had experienced hanging.
It was then that I decided to buy some ACE Bandage material. That was so much more comfortable to remove. It is also much easier to apply.

I have not experienced difficulty in either applying it or removing it. I also have not experienced any slippage of the handiclamp. This has been true even with the fact that
I apply gentle heat with a blow dryer while hanging. Also I have hung with up to 10 pounds. My longest hanging session has been 20 minutes.


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