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What should I be feeling

What should I be feeling

Hi guys, sorry for the cryptic title.

I’ve just started PE’ing. I’m uncut with quite a lot of extra skin. Dry jelqs feel uncomfortable for me so I’m sticking with wet. I wanted to know what I’m supposed to be feeling during my workout.

After warm up and stretching I lube up then pull back my foreskin and hold the excess skin with a grip near my testicles. I then do an overhand ok grip (thumb and forefinger facing down and palm facing away from body) and then slowly (3secs) slide towards the end of shaft/base of head. What I get is a feeling of increasing pressure in the head of my penis which builds up until my hand reaches the end of the shaft and then it’s a rapid depressure and I can see the blood rushing back towards my body through the big vein on top of my shaft. Does this sound like the right kind of technique? I’ve never read here about people talking about blood rushing back through the penis at the end of the jelq.

One other point. I have been kegling my whole life unintentionally (I kegel while I masturbate because it feels better) and as a result I have an incredibly strong kegel muscle (can hold a kegel for up to a minute) Does this negatively affect jelqing? Is it okay to kegel between every stroke if I’m careful about how much pressure I’ve built up.

I suppose what I want to know overall is does pressure in the head of the penis during a jelq equate to proper blood flow which will lead to growth? Or is my technique off?


Mine is very vascular although I only have two large veins visible near the base, I see the blood rush back also, this is a sign your doing a good job.

I also kegel every stroke to increase pressure just be careful, it is too easy to push too much blood up. You can get little red dots from busted blood vessels.

Bpel: 7.625

Mseg: 5.125

FSL: 8.125

Yeah if it feels like I have kegeled too much blood into my penis I either release and try again or go super super slow letting some pressure out.

Anyone else have anything to add or answers to my questions?

No other responses?

Hi Arctic, you will get responses but perhaps not as quickly as one often finds on the Internet.

I also get that blood rushing back into the body down the main vein and while it feels odd, I don’t think it’s a bad thing.

My rule of thumb of any PE or indeed any exercise is that if I can feel a strain, that’s good, if I feel like I’m overdoing it, I probably am. And of course any pain more than that dull “exercised ache” is an emergency STOP.

From what I’ve picked up, each jelq should last 3-4 seconds and your grip should be that of trying to slide honey off a stick.

Does that help?


Thanks MM. I appreciate your advice!

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