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What should a good tunica stretch feel like?

What should a good tunica stretch feel like?

Hello, I’ve been reading, for several weeks now, many threads trying to educate myself on how not to injure little sprout. I currently am doing a modified newbie workout where I warm up for 5 minutes, probably less, then I stretch for 15 minutes and then jelq 300 times at about a 3 second speed. I do this in a hot shower which I’m curious to see what my next water bill will be. My question is what should a good tunica stretch feel like? All I feel is, what I think, skin stretching. I have a low LOT by the way. I’d like to hear from a veteran if at all possible. Thanks.

Hey Colt,

Welcome to the forum.

You probably won’t get a decent tunica stretch without applying loads of heat (preferably before and while) and stretching for a decent length of time at a decent load. This is none of the lilly livered lig stretching, the tunica is damn hard to budge. I always went for a 3-5 minute inverted v-stretch.

But what shoudl it feel like, good question. You can feel a stretch as you pull into it, its kind of dull unlike the sharpness of skin stretch. You should also feel it afterward for a long time, again kind of dull with some occassional shooting ‘pain’ - the kind you might associate with the body attempting to heal.

If you can’t tell the difference betwen skin and tunica stretching, you might find it useful to stretch the skin with a light grip top and bottom of the shaft so that you can learn the feeling.

I hope that helps.

Thanks momento.

By the way, I know what OTS stands for but what does SO stand for. I’ve seen it in several Tunica related threads.

Straight Out.

Thanks again. Is the LOT number the point at which one starts noticing loss of tug-back or is it when it reaches it lowest? I start noticing a decline at around 8:00 and am completely dead at 6:00.

The point at which one notices (visually) loss of tugback. I’m not sure that gauging it effectively is strictly necessary, its simply a guide as to when the ligs are taking the strain and you want to be well above or below to ensure a particular effect.

Thanks again. You’ve been great help.


I am curious to see what type of heat you say can be applied during the stretching. I mean during the warmup there are multiple ways of heating your dick, but applying heat during the stretch? Please clarify. Also, what type of heat application would you recommend? I currently use a towel soaked in hot water, but it does lose its heat rather fast.

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