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What she said


What she said

The other day while riding with my girl in my car, we we’re discussing my penis size. It seemed to be an issue in the beginning of the relationship and I’ll explain why. One day after sleeping with my girlfriend, 3 months ago when we began having sex, we had finished and I told her she had a small coochie. She got offended and told me I had a small private part as well, as you know I was crushed, it nearly made me want to stop seeing her. She told me that she just said it in retaliation, and she thought I was of normal size, but I didnt wanna be normal neither. She told me I was bigger then her ex(only guy she slept with), but I still wanted to be more for her. So I began PEing, and thank god for it. Back to our conversation in the car, we we’re talking about how I was upset about the comment she had made about my light saber, and I forgot the rest, but one thing led to another and she told me “it didnt get like that when we we’re first doing it, it grew, I think it got bigger so it can fit to me.” To be honest with you guys I’m not exactly sure how much I gained, but I think I have gained about 1/4 of an inch, and it’s made a different, big time. I might have gained more, I’m currently at about 7 inches bpel. I’m at work and got to end this, but I wanted to say thank you all, and I’m working on 8, best of luck to you guys, happy holidays and nothing but love to all you and yours.

P.s. She cums everytime we have sex now, and it’s great.

Great success story man. I fully understand what you mean by being crushed, thats probably the worst thing a woman can say to a man. Every little bit counts in penis size. Being a new member and skeptical of whether it will work or not, I now know that PE really does work just by reading up and browsing the web site. Thanks to people like you, you encourage me to start PE’ing. Thank you and congratulations.

I think that’s going to make for a happy new year Darth. Keep up the good work!

Thats a new one. Since when do girls get offended when their coochies are accused of being small? :P If you tell em its loose though, WATCH OUT!

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lol so true

“Your pussy is tight”

“No it’s not!!”

“Well then is it big?”


“Well then what is it?”

(Head explodes)

So how do you compliment a girls love muffin? I usually just say something like “you feel soooooo good.”

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Darth Penar,

I understand how you felt. Sounds like you’re on your way to a happy PE year. Your girlfriend getting offended about your saying she’s small is interesting. I once started a thread asking if women could be proud of being able to handle men (not that this applies to your gf, it just reminded me of my thread). It was based on a couple of women I’ve overheard brag before. I recall DW responded that she thought those 2 women were definitely unusual and women don’t typically think like that. My wife once asked me what size I think she is. I was caught off guard by the question and she was starring waiting for an answer so I blurted out “average size”. The truth is I think she may be a bit bigger than average, but I didn’t think I should tell her that. She seemed to like the average answer for some reason. I did the very thing I accuse women of doing—-sugar coated my answer.

If it grew this much to fit her, I wonder what her explanation will be when it grows too big for her! Stay tuned!

Nice Darth, keep growing.

Wonderful words to hear from your GF darth, and surely great motivation to do PE.

Why not put your stats on the database so you know for sure and can keep track (if you have not already done so)

Darth I think your girlfriend exchanged a compliment for an insult!

Imagine a girl goes “oh what a big dick you have” and you go “all the better to stuff your Big Grand Canyon Gash with”. Have you asked her if she thinks it’s a good or a bad thing to have a big or small pussy?

I think girls use the penis insult as a power trip. I went out with this crazy girl once. She told me her ex had a giant penis! She then went on to show me a picture of him NAKED. Oh joy just what I needed. We were in bed at the time.

Now why she did this I don’t know (power trip). What I do know is that my dick was barely hard when I slept with her after that! hahaha. What was strange was that she still seemed to enjoy sex even though I was struggling to get it up with the thought of her ex (she wasn’t the sort to fake things either - very blunt). Needless to say I soon exchanged her for another and strangely enough she hounded me like a woman possessed trying to get back with me.

Delectric its very possible she turned herself on by thinking she had some sort of hold on you during the sex. Her need to get you back shows her need to regain the control.

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What I don’t get is that telling a woman she has a “small coochie” is supposed to be a huuge compliment.

If girth is king, why the hell does everyone keep talking about length?

I thought it was a compliment too, but she took it as an insult, she’s like that, she’s a tough one guys, god help me

Siam guy I think you’re right about that girl wanting that control. I think it all partly came down to the fact that she had some insecurities too and thought that by making me feel inadequate she could keep hold of me. Or maybe it was just that she was Scandinavian and they talk this type of funny talk.

Small coochie = good no girl wants to be big. However I do know a girl with a tight coochie who worried that her dad must have a small dick also. Now there’s displaced family penis anguish. Actually I’ve always thought that if I married a girl with a cooch that was really small then perhaps the male children would have small knobs. Don’t know if it works like this. However, seeing as gilrs can make thier pussies tighter through kegals (just like us with pe) genetics is largely taken out of the equation.

As long as they have ten fingers and toes I suppose that’s most important.


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