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What Routines For EQ and Girth

What Routines For EQ and Girth

Hi all,

I joined the forums a while ago but never really got into PE. Now, however, I feel I am ready to make a commitment to it and start taking regular exercises.

I was just wondering if anyone has any tips for a for a newbie who wants to see gains mainly to Erection Quality and Erect Girth. I’d ideally like to see gains to length as well but that’s more of a second goal; if anyone has a routine that adds length gains along with improvement to EQ and EG - even better!

Cheers guys

I know that jelqing works well for me in the girth dept. If you are going for girth specifically, you need to be a little more engorged than being flaccid. It is my understanding that the more flaccid, the more jelqing will affect length, the more engorged, better for girth.. Please read the newbie routine first though if you hadn’t already.

I have jelqed off & on over the years, but still always restart with the newbie routine. Truthfully, I progress my routine a little faster than the routine says due to knowing my body & the signs to look for to make sure I’m not pushing forward too fast.

I will also tell you this.. Everyone is different apparently when it comes to PE. Others will respond to certain stimuli better and quicker than others & be able to obtain better goals.. But this stuff WORKS.. I wish I could denote tone in my sincerity when writing this. I have done this off and on over the years and KNOW that it works..

I am wholeheartedly convinced with every fiber of my being the jelqing (specifically) WILL ABSOLUTELY work for ANY guy if they are trying to get thickness.. Sure some better than others, but none the less..

When guys give it a try & don’t get fatter, I honestly think it’s due to not doing ‘em right, or they just flat out don’t stick with it.

I will give you a quote that I came up with a long time ago when I was helping people train MMA fighters. There was a sign on the door walking into the room where we did our training and sparring that said the following..

Thru this door lies a world of blood sweat and pain, but thru perseverance and determination, you will be given something that no one will be able to take away from you. Many have crossed this threshold, but few have stayed.

Obviously, you don’t want the blood, the pain, or maybe even the sweat. But This place is the door, and if you stay determined and persevere, I am THOROUGHLY convinced you WILL see results.

Good luck in your quest brotha.

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