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what routine seems better, maybe the vets can help with this one!?

what routine seems better, maybe the vets can help with this one!?

Hi all,

I’ve been PE’ing for a few months now and definately know it works, you just gotta keep at it and be consistent. Anyways, I’m thinking of changing my routine a bit and I’d like some feedback. Currently I do 6 days on 1 day off, something like this Sat @ 12 noon, Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thurs, Fri-day off, then back at it Sat. My routine is pretty intence so it doesn’t last too long, but since Thurs is my last day before a rest day, it usually ends at around 1:00PM which leaves me with almost 48 hours of rest time before I go back at it on Sat @ 12. Now I’m thinking of doing 1 day off, 1 day on, 1 day off 1 day on, ect….I’m not sure if this may be better than my current routine but any feedback from users who have tried different variations would be great, thanks!

I found a 5:2 routine good and gave me results but you have to judge it on the results you are getting.

A 1:1 routine may not stress you as much as your current one.

Why are you thinking of changing?
What is your actual routine?

I do think you need more rest, but agree with memento that 1/1 may be too light. I’ve been using 3/1, 2/1, so that I get consistent days of the week off and I have found that it works well for me. Take your current routine & toss out Tuesday, and you’re on my schedule.

Some theorize that having 2 days off in a row (72 hours between sessions) may be better because it allows more time for uninterrupted healing. Like so many other topics in PE, this would be a great one for a controlled, clinical trial.


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