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What percentage realize significant gains

What percentage realize significant gains

I’ve been reading these forums several times per day for the last few weeks and at first I was encouraged by all the positive results people were reporting. Now, I seem to be reading quite a few threads about people who have been sticking to a solid routine for at least six months and have either had negative results (discoloration) or are not seeing ANY gains.

I’m the type of person who likes to really weight the risks/benefits of things. What concerns me the most of that people who experience noticeable gains would probably be more likely to report those gains than something who tried PE and didn’t see any gains.

So my question is this (and I realize that nobody has the answer to this question so I’m looking for guesstimates).

What percentage of people who perform a solid routine for at least six months see at least a one inch gain in length and .5 inch gain in girth?

What percentage of people who perform a solid routine for at least six months see a negative results (like mild impotence or discoloration)?

I’ve been doing PE for about one year though I’ve only been doing a regular routine for about three weeks now. I wasn’t measuring consistently or properly initially so I’m not sure how much I’ve gained if any. I think I’ve gained maybe 1/4 inch in length and 1/8 in girth but I’m really not sure. I plan on continuing for a few months at least but any insight into these questions from regulars here would be appreciated.

Originally Posted by northof60
What percentage of people who perform a solid routine for at least six months see at least a one inch gain in length and .5 inch gain in girth?

Very few on the length, 0.5” girth in 6 months isn’t uncommon, though.

Originally Posted by northof60
What percentage of people who perform a solid routine for at least six months see a negative results (like mild impotence or discoloration)?

If you overtrain for 6 months, you will see these effects. If you do it properly, you will grow. Simple as that.


It’s impossible to tell on a forum how many people gain and how many do not if they don’t post. I would expect a lot of people are extremely inconsistent and gain nothing. There are people who post about their lack of gains but that doesn’t really help us find a figure. You’d really need a monitored study to find out these kinds of things.

Here’s a graph of average (length) gains based on Size’s PE data site which is of course subject to the same problems of self reporting as these forums.

Average Results

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Length and girth are not the only gains you get from PE

Yes I also got 4th dimensional displacement.

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Memento is right - we can’t tell. The people that never report back probably never committed to a regular routine, but we have no way of knowing. We also have no way of comparing the intensity or frequency of the routines of the guys represented in the set. Your criteria for what significant growth must be are also tough; some people don’t want more girth or more length, some do, but only gain more than your criteria in one or the other.

The summary is that for the set you narrowed it down to, 31% met your criteria. I think your criteria is very aggressive and tried to include some other interesting things to consider.

From Size’s data:
- 2014 unique user names in the set.
- 1085 never made more than one entry.
- 482 meet the criteria for a minimum of 180 reported days.
- 267 meet the criteria for length gains above one inch.
- 262 meet the criteria for girth gains above half an inch.
- 515 meet all three criteria for length and girth gains or a minimum of 180 reported days.
- 160 meet both criteria for length and girth, 33 of those within 180 days.

Awesome summary slipstream. Thanks!

I like those odds. I’m definitely going to stick with it for awhile. I don’t care about length. I just want .5 inch girth added and I will be thrilled. I think that is a very realistic goal. Of course, I’m sure most people start out with modest goals and then get greedy and go for more :)

Originally Posted by memento
Yes I also got 4th dimensional displacement.

:rolling: :rofl:

For Northof60: I don’t think that’s the correct approach to PE. At the beginning you must BELIEVE, because probably you will be able to see the gains only after 2 or 3 months. So don’t fix your mind in the thought: how much can I gain? That’s the reason why most of PE newbies stop PE. You should take it easy, don’t chrystallize on it, just do it as a hobby, or a new sport. You need to train a bit to see results.

But one think is sure: if you correctly jelq, even only 10 minutes a day, in a metter of weeks you’ll notice morning erections. That means you’re doing well

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There’s no way to really be sure how likely PE will be successful for each individual, but I feel that almost all people can acheive atleast SOME gains. I think atleast half of us out there have the potential for big gains of an inch or more in both dimensions. I think this forum is a good reflection of people’s real life experience, b/c although men like to boast of their gains, people in general like to bitch and moan as well. I think if these techniques did not work for the majority of men, there would be a lot more discussion about their validity. The old members here accept PE as a fact b/c they’ve experienced gains themselves and seen hundreds of others acheive the same. I accept the fact that some individuals may never see gains due to genetic factors, but I feel it’s a small minority of the population.

I was one of the lucky ones. I got a quick 1/2” length gain in my first 5 weeks of PE and I’ve been hooked ever since. It may take you longer than six months to get a 1” x .5” gain, as it did for me. But it depends on how bad you want it. We all have different potentials for gains, you just need to jump in and find out for yourself.

I dunno if it’s all in my head or not but ever since I started which was about a month ago it seems my erections are much more solid. I’m liking it already :D

Start: 12/20/06: 6.625x5 BPEL

Short term goal: 7x5 BPEL

Long term goal: 7x5.5 NBEL

I think this is like gym: those who make a commitment, gain.

I wish I had done better initial measurements. Since measuring itself is variable due to having a different firmness of erection and slightly different positioning of the ruler it is important to establish a reliable starting point. I didn’t do that and therefore it is hard to measure my gains so far. I do believe I have gained about 1/2 inch in length - I’m just shy of 7 inches as of last night and I think I started at around 6.5 (bone pressed). I don’t think I’ve gained any girth which is really what I want. I’m doing girth exercises (slinky bends and Uli stretches) though I’m not clamping (too hard core for me at this point). I AM a believer. I just like to measure the benefits vs. The risks - that’s all :)

I would say that about 98% of people that give it their genuine “all” see growth. Hehe… I’m so used to forcing myself to say people instead of men to be politically correct… but only men have penis’. Except for some women… so, now I don’t know what I should be saying. And what’s politically correct…

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Goal - BPEL 9.0"x MSEG 6.5" (BEG 6.5"/HEG 6.75")

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