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What penis length is too long?

Good to hear you Secjay :) .

Originally Posted by secjay
I forgot to add to this that I’ve heard anecdotally that really fat chicks end up with a massively huge stretched out fanny because all the excess tissues pull their vagina in all sorts of directions even at rest. Even if they lose all the weight, they end up with massive saggy lips and gargantuan capacity, which appears to be permanent.

RegularWhiteGuy used to talk about fat chicks with cow-pussies all the time. :D

Unfortunately, excessive weight in the lower frontal abdomen ( to include the pubic area )….
…Results in diminished penis size for males.
…And vaginal enlargement for females.

The effects can be understood by conducting a simple balloon experiment….
…Blow up a balloon to half it’s capacity and draw a vagina with a marker on it - measure it.
…Then, simply continue to blow up the balloon - taking note of the increased measurements.

I don’t make the Bovine reference any longer due to the political incorrectness of it.

Originally Posted by marinera
Good to hear you Secjay :) .


RWG - hi! I likes me a woman with C A P A C I T Y… cow-pussity?


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