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What PE device should I get


Hey guys, this is my first thread woohoo!!

With all the talk of ADS devices in conjuction with a manual routine (like iv’e started) what are the forums opinions on the stallion cock cushions (or similar device) which basically keep you from ‘retracting’, but don’t offer any sort of resistance (basically just a silicon cushion that you put on at the base - designed to be used after pumping, but based on the same idea of allowing your unit to ‘hang’ a bit more)

I already have them at home (from a while ago, but this is my first real dedicated foray into PE) and any comments or thoughts/advice on the possible usefullness/uselessness would help,.


Thanx alot guys, real helpful posts there

I think I’ll go for the static stretcher.. But there is just one concern that bothers me. You say it’s a hard to stay in a vac device for 2+ hours, so I can’t really ads with it, can I?
Hmm.. Would having a manual pe routine and then having a two hours set of heavy duty static stretch suffice, or should I like get and use the medium duty stretcher as well?
Would this be too much for my penis to handle?

I am also in the market for an ADS. I sit almost all day at my job, and really would like to get some work in, so that I don’t have to spend as much time stretching at night. So, I was reading the static stretcher site here ( and found:

”The nearly-immediate effect of the Static Stretcher System is a noticeably larger flaccid penis. As more hours are accumulated this larger flaccid size lasts longer. It will become more typical to have a larger flaccid. Eventually, your flaccid will never return to it’s original fully contracted size.”

If the only effect is a larger flaccid penis, it’s not for me. I want a larger *erect* penis.

Can anyone comment authoritatively on whether this is all it accomplishes? Also, can the heavy duty be worn safely under dress slacks? If not, is the light duty worth anything at all?

Thanks guys!

No that is the nearly immediate affect, which you will notice in under a month. The rest of the benefits of the heavy duty will be similar to the benefits that a hanging strategy will gain you.

Originally Posted by optimalss
No that is the nearly immediate affect, which you will notice in under a month. The rest of the benefits of the heavy duty will be similar to the benefits that a hanging strategy will gain you.

Have you tried any of those products, optimalss? I’m really interested on that “heavy duty” model, and how it works. I’ve tried a noose type ADS, a few years ago, and I really didn’t like it. Maybe this one is a much more comfortable solution!

What do you think?

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Diesel220 and myself have the Heavy Duty Static Stretcher. The design is much more comfortable than the noose style designs. The head used with the heavy duty static stretcher is more durable, and supports more load than similar designs.

As I pointed out it would be not be recommended to try ads-ing with a vacstretcher (since both you optimalss and diesel220 said the usage time was limited to a couple of hours at a time)

Should I complement the stretching with using a medium-duty stretcher as well?


MS- you put it on for two hours and then take it off to piss, then reapply after a short break— no ADS can be worn without periodic breaks.

Aaah.. Okey.. So I can vac-stretch all day as long as I take short breaks every now and then? Great, I’ll order the static stretch heavy duty right away :)

I f you are careful to be strectching at some level all day, what happens when you go to bed?

How long do you have to wait until it is safe to take a device of without the fear of turtling back in/not having the positive benefit of wearing a device?


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