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What next

What next

Hello everyone,

I’ve been silently lurking around for a couple of years now but I’ve recently got back into PE’ing this January. I’ve worked the newbie routine up to 10 min stretching and 400 wet jelqs 3 days on 1 day off. Just this past week I also tried hanging in place of the stretches because for some reason I don’t feel like I get fatigued with the stretches. I’ve been hanging for about an hour total with a 5lb weight on my on days instead of stretching. From what I have read on the hanger’s forum I’m pretty much wasting my time by hanging with such a low amount of reps and for too short of time. Basically I feel as of right now I’m overtraining as a whole. My morning wood is pretty much gone and the quality has seemed to go down as well and I have not been able to notice any sort of gains from anything I’ve been doing. My main goal right now is length. My NBPEL is at 6.5 at it’s best and my goal is for 7.5 and some more FL would be a plus. I’m thinking of either restarting with the linear newbie routine and following that out or trying some sort of hanging routine but I don’t think I have the 3 hours a day to fully devote to hanging. I’m a very active person in weight lifting and martial arts training. I do either of the two and sometimes both about 5 days a week. From my experience with lifting I noticed that I get stronger and perform better with more rest so I’m assuming this my carry over to PE which is why I brought up the idea of starting from scratch with the linear newbie routine. I also know that a lot of people have had a lot of success with hanging when it comes to length. I’m no stranger to hard work and dedication so I know this is not something that is going to happen overnight but I just want to make sure that if I’m going to put in the time and effort that I’m going about things correctly. I welcome any suggestions you guys may have. Thanks for reading!

Personally, I would focus more on length oriented exercises and steer away from exercises like jelqing if length is your ultimate goal at the moment. Busy lifestyles often are easier with stealth mode PE toys as well, like traction devices, Monty’s weights, static or vac stretchers, etc.

My focus has been strictly girth for some time now with great results, but I’m now shifting towards the inclusion of some stealthy length targeted toys again. I just ordered “The Original Anchor” and hope that it will help me stretch a bit during the work day and get some extended healing time in.

It can all be best achieved manually, but you have been here and PE’d long enough to know where some of the PE devices aren’t better, they are just sometimes more practical for those of us with a busy lifestyle.

I re-gained an inch of lost length using my Andro during work before going strictly to girth training.

Starting stats NBPEL 6" x EG 4.125" --> Mar 2008 NBPEL 7" x EG 5.25" Current Stats 7" NBPEL x 5.6" EG (Post 1st Round PMMA)

My noose style extender modification

My jelq routine


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