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What motivates you to PE?

Originally Posted by epic777
Hey thanks Darzer I appreciate your kind words man :) I’m actually a virgin when it comes to actual intercourse so I wouldn’t know. I get the gitters thinking about having to possibly explain why it not so big lol (just a joke) But yeah it’s gonna happen soon enough. Just wanna grow a little more.

No worries bud, were all brothers here at TP :)

Ahh the mighty V-word. Listen man, I’ve only been sexually active the past 2 years (am 18 now) and let me tell you how my first time went down with a girl.
I got her number from a good friend of mine because I was sick of being a virgin and everyone in school clowning around about it, she happened to be the type of girl who got around quite frequently if ya know what I mean.

My only intentions with her was to lose my virginity, yeah I know it was a stupid, childish thing to do, but hey that’s what happens when you’re young n horny.

Anyway, I’ve had my size complex since I was about 11 (when I first started watching porn) and seeing as this girl had slept with loads of guys, some even being fully grown men in their twenties, I was terrified of the outcome after I pulled my pants down.

I could have gotten sex from her on the 2nd day of knowing her, but of course being a terrified virgin I kept putting it off. After about 4 more days of her begging for it , I gave it to her, all six inches of me. And let me tell you something epic777, that girl didn’t know what hit her. We went for over 2 hours several times, and she would cum repeatedly, over and over, constantly telling me I was the most amazing thing she ever experienced.

Now you’re thinking, “she’s most likely saying that just to make me feel good”, but after a bit of thought, why would she? She can sleep with pretty much any guy she wants seeing as we all want sex so bad. Yet she decided to stay with me and my 6 inch cock until I broke it off with her a month later due to boredom.

Sorry for this long-ass message, but I wanted to get my point across and really, what my point is, is don’t let your size bother you, I’ve been in your position before. The most important thing for you to do if you lack in the size department, is to focus on giving more oral, playing with the g-spot, teasing her until she is so hot and sweaty that if you pulled out a 1-incher she’d still be gagging for you.
Lick the nipples, the areola, slide down her stomach slowly kissing her, then to the inside of her legs, these are all parts of the body with a proliferation of nerves, sensitive nerves and doing this, taking my advice you will blow any woman away.

You should check into Ivorytower’s thread about hitting the g-spot using the “rocker” technique, it’s changed my sex life for the better.

Cheers man, and good luck,


Starting stats (17-01-2011) : 4 3/4" BPFL, 4 1/4" FG --- 6 7/10" BPEL, 4.75" EG

Current stats (30-05-2011) : 5 1/4" BPFL, 4 1/4" FG --- 7.5" BPEL, 4.9" EG

Originally Posted by avantasia
I am currently trying to catch up with a guy that already was on the hole. I WILL beat him.

That’s it avantasia, that’s the exact sort of attitude you need here really isn’t it.

Good luck with your gains man.

Starting stats (17-01-2011) : 4 3/4" BPFL, 4 1/4" FG --- 6 7/10" BPEL, 4.75" EG

Current stats (30-05-2011) : 5 1/4" BPFL, 4 1/4" FG --- 7.5" BPEL, 4.9" EG

The look on a girls face when I have sex with her. That’s my motivation.

[BPEL Length 8.5] [NBPEL 8.0 - 8.5 Depending on EQ!] [BEG- 7.2] [MIDSHAFT 6.4/5] [GLANS- 6.1]

PE for life!

I love to watch big cocks in porn. My PE motivation is just to have a bigger cock for me. Looks just much better and boosts the self esteem :-)

BPEL: 6.7 > 7.1 > 8.0

EGM: 5.7 > 6.5 > 7.0

My previous EGM goal was 6.5 inches. Now that I reached that in 2016, I set a new goal with 7.0 inches.


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