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What motivates you to PE?

Originally Posted by darzer
Great answers lads and sorry to hear you’ve gone thought that avantasia.
That girl is a whore you don’t need that shit anyway. But hey that’s why were all here isn’t it? To diminish that horrible anxiety we all have and to hope that one day we can grasp a huge cock. and it be attached to our bodies.

Peace guys im going for a shower and some late-night PE and I’m off.

It is not so bad, it hurt a lot and it stings even to this day but from other point of view, thanks to her I’m walking a path to have a large dick that will shut her fucking mouth.

Ahora:Longitud: 18 BP Grosor: :littleguy avanzado a los 14 EG.

Metas:Longitud: 20 BP Grosor: 15 EG.

Fotos y progresos avantasia

So i can have a bigger penis, to increase the pleasure for my girl.

Nice one Firegoat

01/03/2009- NBPEL:5.1; EG:4.6.

01/05/2010- NBPEL:6.1; EG:4.7.

Long Term Goal- NBPEL: 7.0; EG:5.5

I just want to see if it’s even possible.

Originally Posted by firegoat
During the 1930s, a young boy had become obsessed with eating sugar. His mother failed to convince him to kick the habit. She decided to take him to Gandhi. The Mahatma (Great Soul) was highly revered across the country — perhaps his instruction could convince her son to cut back on sugar.

At Gandhi’s ashram (hermitage,) the mother recounted her difficulty and requested Gandhi to direct her son. Gandhi deliberated for a minute and replied, “Please come back after a week. I will talk to your son.”

The mother and her son revisited Gandhi the following week. Gandhi smiled at the boy and directed him, “You must stop eating sugar.” The boy admitted, “Forgive me, bapu (father.) I will follow your advice.”

The mother was puzzled. She enquired, “Bapu, you could have asked my son to stop eating sugar when we visited you last week. Why did you ask us to come back this week?” Gandhi answered, “Ben (Sister,) last week, I, too, was eating a lot of sugar. … You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”

If I am going to give PE advice, I have to walk the walk to talk the talk! :D

Quality, love it!

Currently 6.5 NBP 5.5EG.

Firegoat, your kinda like the Mahatma of PE.
Well done/said.

My response to the query:
I big dick is fun. Fun to whip out, and fun to watch the ladies play with.
I started PE to make it bigger. Why not? Then I also liked the idea of a bigger flaccid.

Eventually I came to the conclusion it works, though I thought only marginally and even then suspected it to be temporary gains, so I decided to go all the way.
I wanted to see real solid gains in length and to see how far it will go and how much of it will stick.

12/10, Bpel-7", Mseg-6", Beg-6.3"

07/11, Bpel-7.85, Mseg-6.5", Beg-6.9" My routine and pics here

Originally Posted by ivorytower
Firegoat, your kinda like the Mahatma of PE.

Cheers ivorytower :)

I also remember one of my martial arts teachers in Asia saying “Don’t ever learn from someone who only teaches; learn from someone who still practices and is still learning. If someone calls themselves a master, don’t learn from them - they think they know it all, but the skill they have will not be refined and polished like fine steel, it will be going rusty.”

Of course, having a big dick is fun too! :D

Ahh, more truthful words for certain.
I like.

Reminds me of a few guys I know with talents in arts and such. They think having the talent is enough to get by but most of them never really endeavour to take it to it’s ultimate level.
I say similar things firegoat.
We are born with talents, and the raw steel, it is up to us to learn to refine, shape and polish it before the ride is over.

Here, here!

12/10, Bpel-7", Mseg-6", Beg-6.3"

07/11, Bpel-7.85, Mseg-6.5", Beg-6.9" My routine and pics here

I read about it on another forum, and did a search online and found Thunder’s Place.

A few newbie gains and better erection quality and I was hooked.

Nice metaphor firegoat. I too think you should learn from people who seek the truth, and run from those who claim to have found it (aka stopped learning).

To answer the question of the thread, I may have the oddest reason:P I was born with a penis defect (hypospadias, you can look it up if you don´t know what it is). I realize my dick is always going to be somewhat unique-looking, so I have always had a little complex about it. I would be happy with my size if it wasn’t`t for the way it looks. So my realization is that while I can´t have a normal dick, I can have a bigger one:) + I think women care more about the feel of it than the look of it, but then again I can´t say that from personal experience.

Start, May 2011: BPEL: 5,8" MSEG: 4,9"

Seeing gains already in addition to high EQ, will post measurement when the growth is significant a.k.a no measurement mistake.

I’m new here, but what motivates me is the “it can be done” attitude. I’m comfortable with my size as it is, and I don’t want to get enormous, but a few extra inches here and there can’t be too bad.

Knowing that my shit is Gunn grow lol

Start:7.5 BPEL X 5 MSEG

Goal: 7 MSEG

Heere We GOOooh!

Simple to stay motivated, I want to fuck as many women as I can and I want all of them to remember me fucking them when they get married. They way I look at it is if I have a bigger dick and fuck them good, then they go tell their friends and I fuck their friends also. So I PE.

Then 01/15/08 EBPL: 6.25 EG 5.10 Now 10/05/09 EBPL 7.75 EG 5.25 Girth work for 103 days.

New Short Term Goal: EBPL 8.0 EG 5.5 Lifetime goal 9x6.5 PE log and journal

It’s weird. I know one of my girlfriends cheated on me with bigger guys, but I also have had girls tell me my dick is huge, at about 6.5 inches it just seems to be more about physical attraction and how you perform in bed. I understand this forum is very size centric, but it seems sexual technique can be very important as well. Either way, thanks for the motivating words fellows.

I love my life

Gaining a little over half an inch in a month and a half is now my motivation. Starting out it was to build confidence and see if PE is real. I started at about 5.9 now I’m 6.5 inches. PE IS REAL and my motivation is real too.

Mine is simple, I want too feel better about myself.

1st May 2010 - BPEL 6" EG 6"

Current - BPEL 6.25" EG 6.5"

25th Dec 2017 (goal) - BPEL 8" EG7"


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