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What method produces the most gains

What method produces the most gains

What PE method has produced the most gains on this forum?

Right now I am just doing hanging with the bib hanger but am not seeing much gain.. I have been bib hanging with 5 pounds for about a month. Maybe I have gained like 0.2 inches.. I try to do 40 minutes of hanging daily. But I miss some days.

From my reading of PE on this forum, so far what has interested me are the Penimaster, and Clamping. I have read one journal that speaks of large gains from using the penimaster, but am not sure whether or not that person who claims these gains are actually real or not, or if they are just paid salesperson from the penimaster site if you know what I mean.. But I was considering trying the penimaster routine along with my bib hanger routine..

As for the clamp, it seems very inexpensive method to do, and have seen a lot of verified girth gains from reading the forum.. And am very much considering this method a month from now after I get really used to the bib hanger. I am considering some clamping after each hanging with the bib hanger, in the near future.

If you joined in June, I don’t think you should be hanging yet. Sounds like you’re going for too much too soon. Don’t underestimate the power of the manual stretch. I’ve done only manual stretching and jelqing for almost 6 months and have gained about .8” in length and maybe about .2” in girth. .2” in length in a month aren’t bad gains by the way, you know it’s a slow process. Also, clamping causes discoloration that many believe to be permanent, so be careful.

Jelqing produces the most gains easily.

I agree with trunksdarklord. Exhaust all your gains from manual exercises first before going into hanging/ clamping etc.

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I actually did the newbie routine for about a month. The mechanical stretcher (bib hanger), is just more convenient to use.

Take a week or two off and give your unit a chance to reset to baseline. While you are resting read this START HERE ——-> NEWBIE ROUTINE <——- Important Newbie Threads/Info . Then stick all of your gadgets in the back of the sock drawer and start out with the n00b routine. Be consistent and don’t skip days you are supposed to be PEing. Gradually increase your time and repetitions as you go. Give it three months and see what you get. If you have been gaining then don’t screw it up. No gains and you try something different.

That is the straight poop sir. Give it some thought before you reply with creative reasons why that doesn’t apply to you. Nearly all of my gains came ala BIB hanger and the above is still what I recommend.

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